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DS Laboratories Oligo DX 150g

Item #: DS_OLIGO
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DS Laboratories Oligo DX 150g

DS Laboratories Oligo DX is a revolutionary medication intended for the treatment of cellulite. It’s a wonderful product that truly delivers on the promise of reducing and eliminating cellulite from as early as one week of repeated use. This product is medically researched and tested to be able to guarantee you skin that is cellulite free.

You can literally feel it working and there will be some noticeable changes such as increased urination, a clear indication that DS Laboratories Oligo DX is working at flashing out the toxins and fat deposits responsible for the cellulite out of your body. With repeated use you will notice cellulite literally melt off your body with guaranteed results in one week that will be better and better as you continue using the product.

Cellulite occurs deep in your skin and this is where DS Laboratories Oligo DX separates itself from the other products in the market. All the ingredients in this product are encapsulated in Nanosomes that are two hundred times smaller than the human cell enabling this product to reach deep into the layers of your skin to release the valuable ingredients; allowing the effect of this product to work from deep within your skin all the way to the skin surface for firm cellulite free skin.

By using DS Laboratories Oligo DX you are not only going to have cellulite free skin but it will also benefit from the detoxifying effect improving your skin health tremendously. You can be sure that this product is great value for money and just like 90% of user keep using it for its efficiency and fast results so will you.

Directions: For an intense treatment apply it onto skin once a day after your bath. You do not have to massage it into the skin as it will easily seep into your skin. Continue this treatment for at least 60 days for great results.
After this you can apply this treatment for at least two to three times in a year for a period of a month to keep up the great results.
Totally keep away from using any moisturizers and moisturizing soaps whenever you use DS Laboratories Oligo DX

Ingredients: Water, Nanosomes of Centella Asiatica, Caffeine, Ivy and Marine Algae, Propylene Glycol, Polysorbate 80, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Methyl Paraben and Fragrance
UPC: 689076327190
Item Number: DS_OLIGO
Manufacturer Part No: DS_OLIGO

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