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DS Laboratories Spectral-DNC 60ml

DS Laboratories Spectral-DNC 60ml

Spectral DNC® is the worlds most effective topical hair loss treatment designed for hair loss in men.
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DS Laboratories Spectral – DNC 60ml

This powerful formulation includes Minoxidil 4.5% which is has been proven by the FDA for more than 15 years to be great for treating male – pattern hair loss by stimulating the re growth of  hair. In addition Aminexil SP94 works wonderfully in combating and preventing Perifollicular Fibrosis thereby preventing any more cases of hair fall out and resulting in additional baldness.

The inclusion of Retinol ensures that Minoxidil is effectively absorbed into the hair follicles to better be able to stimulate hair growth. It includes Vitamin Complex that accelerates the growth of hair while the inclusion of Herbal Extracts provides the necessary nutrition while promoting good circulation of blood as well as any necessary nutrition to the hair tissue.

Adenosine a powerful hair re growth agent will add to the effect of Minoxidil to ensure a faster re growth of hair. With regular application of this product you can expect renewed hair growth that is stronger and healthier.

Directions: This powerful formulation comes with two applicators that are specially created to help you apply the Spectral DNC into the scalp where it is needed. Apply it on the desired areas every morning and evening. If using the atomizer apply 10 sprays of it and when using the dropper use 1ml of it. Rub the Spectral DNC into the scalp and let it dry thoroughly. Make sure you properly wash your hands after. Regular application will ensure you get the best results.

Ingredients: Minoxidil 4.5%, Aminexil SP94, Retinol, Vitamin Complex, Herbal Extracts, Nanosomes, Adenosine, Procyanidin B-1 and C-2

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