Dermablend Cover Creme 1oz chroma 5 Olive Brown
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Dermablend Cover Creme 1oz chroma 5 Olive Brown

Item #: Derma_CCOBR
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Dermablend Cover Creme 1oz chroma 5 Olive Brown


Dermablend Cover Crème in Chroma 5 Olive Brown

Dermablend Cover Crème is a rich, lightweight formula that will smooth easily onto your skin and provide flawless, all-day hydration and coverage. Designed to protect and treat your skin as it covers, this dual action formula is enriched with SPF 30 to shield your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sue. Dermablend Cover Crème is both water-resistant and smudge resistant, and when used with the Dermablend Setting Powder, is the perfect product for covering even major skin discolorations.

Dermablend Cover Crème is designed for covering even significant skin flaws, including Rosacea, Pigmentation Disorders, Scars, Burns, Vitiligo, Birthmarks, and post-operative bruising.

Dermablend Cover Crème 1 oz chroma 5 Olive Brown is a creamy foundation that is not heavy, as many camouflaging foundations can be.  This product will professionally conceal skin imperfections.  With Dermablend cover crème, the user will receive continuous hydrating protection in addition to evening out the skin tone.   A full 12 hours of skin imperfection coverage and hydration is attained with Dermablend Cover Crème 1 oz chroma 5 Olive Brown.  The ingredients found in this Dermablend cover crème allow the skin to look and feel refreshed, silky, and smooth. 

The Dermablend product line is available in a wide range of skin shades to fit every consumer’s personal complexion needs.  With Dermablend Cover Crème 1 oz chroma 5 Olive Brown, those with a general “Tan” complexion can choose this particular “Olive Brown” shade to get a more exact matching shade for that skin tone.  Other general shades to then choose more personal shades from include “Deep,” “Medium,” “Light,” and “Fair.”  Within these shades, 4 or 5 more exact shades can be chosen for an individualized match to camouflage flaws.

According to Rachel Goodyear, Esthetician at, “With Dermablend cover crème, you not only receive total coverage for skin flaws, but you also receive a sun protectant to fight premature wrinkles and moisture that will last all day long.  This is also a perfect cream for dark spots on face areas.”

This crème need only be used in small amounts if just a small imperfection needs to be camouflaged.   On the other hand, the product will blend quite easily for full facial coverage if necessary.  When this Dermablend cover crème is set with Dermablend Setting Powder, an even longer lasting look is achieved (16 hours).  Dermablend cover crème can bring back or sustain the appearance of youth with its age-defying hydration and total coverage abilities.


UPC: 883140003052
Item Number: Derma_CCOBR
Manufacturer: DERMABLEND
Manufacturer Part No: 800745

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