Glo Therapeutics Brightening Serum 1oz
Glo Therapeutics Brightening Serum 1oz
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Glo Therapeutics Brightening Serum 1oz

Item #: glo_BS-1oz
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Glo Therapeutics Brightening Serum 1oz

Glo Therapeutics Brightening Serum is enriched with a multi-faceted spectrum of ingredients that target areas of hyperpigmentation and even the skin tone. Able to penetrate deeply to target key areas, Glo Therapeutics Brightening Serum reduces the appearance of sun damage and brown spots while suppressing Melanin production and lightening areas of discoloration. With each use skin becomes more refreshed and appears as if glowing from within. GloBrightening Serum is safe for long-term use.
Glo Therapeutics Brightening Serum is designed to reduce areas of hyper-pigmentation and even skin tone. This product should be used as part of a comprehensive daily skin care routine.

To Use: Apply a small amount of GloBrightening Serum to target areas, or over all skin once to twice daily.

Ingredients Include: TyrostatÃÃâÃÃâ (Rumex occidentalis Extract) - natural tyrosinase inhibitor derived from the Western Dock plant, LumiskinÃÃâÃÃâ (Diacetyl Boldine) - a tyrosinase inhibitor naturally derived from Chilean tree bark that helps inhibit pigmentation induced by cellular stress, L-arbutin - a natural plant-based derivative of hydroquinone with tyrosinase inhibiting abilities, Azelaic Acid - a grain and yeast derived compound that suppresses the growth of follicle bacteria, helps normalize disordered cell growth, is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, Licorice Root Extract - tyrosinase and photo-pigmentation inhibitor; antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties, Mulberry Bark and Bearberry Extracts - natural non-sensitizing botanical brighteners, L-lactic Acid -smoothes skin and improves its texture and has natural brightening abilities, Glycolic Acid -smoothes skin and improves its texture
UPC: 840749007263
Item Number: glo_BS-1oz
Manufacturer: GLO MINERALS
Manufacturer Part No: 726

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