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Actifirm was founded based on the idea of creating a line of skin resurfacing products with no downtime and no irritation. Designed to rebuild the architecture of skin, Actifirm developed the patented enzyme Actizyme E3M-M - a breakthrough technology that is the foundation of the hallmark Actifirm 30% and 60% Z-Peel and Peel and Firm products. This enzyme is derived from a mushroom and mimics the orderly cell-by-cell exfoliation that skin performs naturally. Because the tissue is not burned, there is no irritation and the products can be used on any skin type year around. Other favorite Actifirm products, like the Renovation Serum have additional hydrating and anti-inflammatory effects that soothe skin. The Actifirm line is designed both as a convenient solution for your in-home skin care, and as a great complement to in-office treatments.

Actifirm to present Z-Peel 30% Plus and Face Firm Video

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