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AFA Amino Acid Skincare

The entire outward and inward appearance of your skin can be transformed with the AFA Amino Acid Skin Care program. All of the AFA family of skin care products (face cream, cream for eye, cleansing gels and more) are the result of a patented AFA technology that uses acidified amino acids, similar to our own skin’s moisture system.

AFA Amino Acid Skin Care works to exfoliate skin gently, increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and uses antioxidants to intensify the skin’s health and vitality. AFA does all of this without adding any dryness or irritation to the skin. Read more about AFA at the bottom of this page


FA Smoothing Eye Cream is a fantastic cream for eye area moisture balance, giving a luxurious, rich, soothing feeling. Crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes will be smoothed out, making the eye area and entire face look younger and renewed. When searching for a quality cream for eye skin, Crow’s feet and lines, AFA cream for eye areas contains superior ingredients placed together with AFA’s patented technology. AFA cream for eye contains caffeine and AFA Advanced Protein Complex. This AFA Complex formula also has hyaluronic acid, a naturally based substance, and minerals from the Dead Sea. This cream for eye care is also infused with collagen for the return of youth, and proteins to keep skin supple and elastic.

When the skin and body mature, hydration begins to lessen to a great degree. Wrinkles and lines appear, the skin becomes cracked and somewhat withered with dryness. AFA has solved that issue with its Ultra-Rich Moisturizer. It contains Dead Sea Minerals and is great for dry or even normal skin types. This is a cream for face moisturizing and renewal. This is a concentrated cream for face rejuvenation, improving the skin’s ability to keep moisture in by forming a protective moisture barrier. Because it’s a rapidly penetrating cream for face, the facial texture and tone are dramatically improved. AFA makes this cream for face rejuvenation with natural ingredients, including Safflower Seed Oil, Acidified Amino Acid, Collagen, minerals from the Dead Sea, and Aloe Vera, to name a few.

If you’re looking for a face cream cleanser to use instead of drying soap, AFA Cream Cleanser will not fail you. The Dead Sea Minerals and acidified amino acids gently exfoliate and ensure the hydration of a high quality face cream. Why use soap when you can cleanse with AFA Face Cream Cleanser? If your skin is damaged from exposure to the sun, this is the face cream cleanser to restore the moisture you need. The same is true for hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, wrinkles and more. Use AFA Face Cream Cleanser in combination with microdermabrasion treatments or chemical peels to bring the skin back to normal.

Acidified amino acid is a vital ingredient in AFA skin care products to help exfoliate dead skin cells. Vitamin C, Dead Sea minerals, and magnesium, among other ingredients, work together to make AFA Face Cream cleanser a sure winner.

AFA also makes an oil free moisturizer cream for face to revitalize the skin without it feeling overly greasy.