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AminoGenesis Paranormal EFX Anti-Aging Serum 1.7oz


Detailed Description

AminoGenesis Paranormal EFX Anti-Aging Serum 1.7oz

ParanormalEFX with Regeneplex 4 is a powerful new secret for more gorgeous skin.
This revolutionary cosmetic serum is the first ever to combine the anti-aging powers
of these very unique and scientifically advanced ingredients that work together to
fight the many signs of aging.

The highly concentrated formulation utilizes 4 brand new, extremely effective
ingredients. It addition ParanormalEFX contains the specific 17 amino acids that
are the building blocks of important skin proteins like collagen and elastin. Lastly,
to maximize the effectiveness of ParanormalEFX it contains Vitamins A, E and D.

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