The Ascorderm line of products ranges widely in an effort to truly make a difference in the various ways you can transform your appearance with proper care. Ascorderm makes serums to re-contour your skin, refining cleansers, moisturizer cream and lotion for face that also provides anti aging effects, and an age-restoring eye cream.

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Amp Up the Drama of Younger Skin with Ascorderm

You can dramatically reverse the effects of aging, UV sun damage, and other enemies of the skin with skin care treatments by Ascorderm. Ascorderm is branded under Biopelle, Inc., part of the Ferndale Pharma Group located in Ferndale, Michigan. Biopelle is the aesthetic branch of Ferndale Pharma and they are passionately dedicated to creating innovative skin care solutions. The Biopelle line is sold only via doctors’ offices, skin care spas, and through medical web sites. Read more ..

The key to Ascorderm’s powerful abilities is found in their ubiquitous ingredient: L-Ascorbic Acid, better known as Vitamin C. This natural vitamin is a unique anti-aging ingredient in Ascorderm products. It is a powerful anti oxidant, working on the repair of sun damage as it protects the skin. Vitamin C also is necessary for the formation of collagen, a must-have for the skin to look younger and suppler. A moisturizer cream with Vitamin C, such as Ascorderm has, will penetrate the skin’s layers easily and get down to where collagen is formed and kept stabilized.

The Ascorderm Contouring Serum contains L-Ascorbic Acid in high concentrations, enough, in fact, to increase your collagen levels and repair sun damage. Those dark spots need some skin whitening help to make you look like your younger self. Skin whitening is boosted with Vitamin C. The special ROS Inhibiting Extract in this lotion for face anti aging speeds up the Vitamin C activity. The botanicals are all natural and great for the skin, such as Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea Extract, and Grape

The moisturizer cream from Ascorderm gets Vitamin C to your skin via ascorbyl palmitate and hyaluronic acid. They add moisture and anti aging effects to your skin. This moisturizer cream has strong antioxidants and work in tandem with the Ascorderm Contouring Serum to boost its penetration and swift action. There is also a moisturizing lotion for face and body in addition to the moisturizer cream. The lotion for face and body contains Vitamin C and is extremely hydrating. The moisturizer cream and lotion for face, as other Ascorderm products, is not tested on animals.

The Ascorderm Refining Cleanser not only gets your skin squeaky clean and ready for absorption of other types of lotion for face or body, but it also has skin whitening powers. The Bilberry in Ascorderm Cleanser is great for skin whitening, ridding the face of age spots and hyperpigmentation. How does Bilberry aid in skin whitening? This is a small shrub bearing berries that contains tannins, which are anti-oxidants that work similarly to Vitamin C. Bilberry in Ascorderm makes skin whitening a breeze as your skin is cleansed.