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Avene Trixera Emollient Creme 13.52oz

Avene Trixera Emollient Creme 13.52oz

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Avene Trixera Emollient Creme 13.52oz

Daily skin care cream for very dry, atopic skin conditions that nourishes, restores the skin barrier, soothes irritation and reduces skin hypersensitivity

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Avene Trixera Emollient Creme Helps Get My Skin Smooth Quick!
Dawn (Los Angeles, CA) 8/18/2012 9:49 AM
Avene Trixera Emollient Creme helps my skin transform when it comes to satisfying my moisturizing needs, and getting it back to normal after an acne flareup or being overall agitated. The Avene Trixera Emollient Creme applies on smoothly while protecting my skin overall as well.
Emollient Creme Helps My Skin!
Cameron (Chattanooga, TN) 8/17/2012 7:57 PM
Avene Trixera Emollient Creme is such an essential in my skincare kit. I have so dry skin, and this creme is the perfect solution for my skin! Not only does it moisturize my skin, but it brings it right back to its clear state. Avene Trixera Emollient Creme is perfect for a variety of skin types and is gentle enough to use everyday as well!
Finally found a product that works!!
Kalene (Austin, Texas) 5/29/2011 9:47 PM
Having sensitive skin made it really difficult for me to find a product that would help relieve my severe dry skin without causing irritation. I recently told to try Avene Trixera Emollient Cream because it not only helps dry skin but also is non irritating which is great for sensitive skin. I am truly amazed at how well this product works, it really nourishes my skin. It soothes it, moisturizes and doesn't cause any irritation at all. Best of all my skin doesn't feel greasy, it's soft and smooth. Finally I found something that works for me!