Blinc Micro Trimmer
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Blinc Micro Trimmer

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The Blinc Micro Trimmer is an eyebrow trimmer that is specifically designed for ease of use as well as for the quick and efficient trimming and shaping of eyebrows in a perfect fashion. Excess eyebrow hair is safely and quickly removed with the Trimmer, and its compact size makes precision and control an easy process. Included with the Trimmer is a dual-sided adapter that gives two trim lengths for customized results. The Blinc Micro Trimmer is the perfect tool for trimming, shaping and maintaining brows.


Remove plastic wrap on battery and take off the micro trimmer cap. The trimmer includes a 2-sided adapter for trimming the length of eyebrow hairs. One side is longer, while the other side provides a shorter trim. Make sure the trimmer is turned off and slide the appropriate side of the adapter onto the trimmer head with the eyebrow-trimming blade facing the desired side of the adapter. Slide the switch button up to turn on the trimmer. Trim eyebrow in the direction against its natural growing trend. Slowly move the blade from the tip of the eyebrow to the opposite end. To remove the adapter, turn off the power and slide off the adapter. To trim hairs above, below or between the brow line, use the trimmer without the adapter and gently trim unwanted hairs using short, controlled strokes. To replace the battery, slide open the bottom portion of the trimmer by pulling the ends apart to reveal the battery casing.  Insert one AAA battery (included) according to the diagram. Slide back the bottom portion of the trimmer. If the power of the trimmer is slower than usual, replace the battery.


Compact Micro Trimmer, dual-sided adapter and AAA battery
UPC: 854816000033
Item Number: BLINC38
Manufacturer: BLINC

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