Blinc Eye Shadow Primer  Light Tone 0.14oz
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Blinc Eye Shadow Primer Light Tone 0.14oz

Item #: BLINC25
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Blinc Eye Shadow Primer  Light Tone 0.14oz

Blinc Eye Shadow Primer not only prepares the eyelids for eye shadow application, making the makeup stay on longer and even stay free of unsightly creases, but it is also an anti-aging addition to everyday skin care protection.  Clinical studies have shown the blinc Eye Shadow Primer’s ingredients can diminish fine lines after six weeks of use by nearly 70%.  Studies also show that after one week’s use, these ingredients will improve moisture retention by more than 50%. 

The Hexapeptide-14 in the blinc Eye Shadow Primer stimulates collagen production and the increase of  fibroblast cells, and hinders the work of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), which break down skin tissue.  In short, Hexapeptide-14 reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles that occur on the delicate skin of the eye area.  This important ingredient in blinc Eye Shadow Primer also relieves dull-looking skin and moisturizes it as it builds back renewed tissue for skin rejuvenation.

Laura Smith, Esthetician at, said, “Blinc Eye Shadow Primer is unique in its ability to provide crease-free, all-day eye shadow coverage under any eye shadow used as it simultaneously provides anti-aging benefits.”

The use of blinc primer on the eyelids before applying eye shadow ensures a crease-free, all-day wear of eye makeup.  Only a tiny amount is necessary to cover the lid, and it can be applied with either a brush or with the fingertips.  The blinc Eye Shadow Primer will fill fine lines already in place, giving the lid a smooth surface for the application of eye shadow.  That eye shadow will then not crease, smudge, drip, or fade away, even in rainy climate or in the face of sweaty skin conditions.  Yet when the blinc primer needs to be removed at day’s end, it is easily done so with a gentle cosmetic remover.   


In addition to superior hold, blinc's primer for eye shadow contains anti-aging ingredients that clinical studies have shown to decrease fine lines after just six weeks by 67% and increase skin's moisture after just one week by 53%.

If you're looking for the route to flawless, crease-free eye shadow, try our Fountain of Youthful Color® primer for eye shadow. You'll be amazed!

UPC: 854816000514
Item Number: BLINC25
Manufacturer: BLINC
Manufacturer Part No: PHS1-3120

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