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Blinc Mascara  Dark Green 0.21oz

Blinc Mascara Dark Green 0.21oz


Detailed Description

Blinc Mascara

Blinc Mascara (Multiple Color) has the unique ability to form miniscule tube-like coatings of mascara on the eyelashes that make lashes smudge-proof, water-resistant, and clump- and flake-proof.  Although the lashes are resistant to running due to water or tears, the blinc Mascara can be removed with warm water and a gentle pulling with the fingers; the “tubes” will then be removed without having to resort to using harsh chemical mascara-removing cleansers.  Alternatively, using a washcloth and warm water or showering will also remove the mascara with ease. is proud to add blinc Mascara (Multiple Color) to its extensive line of anti-aging cosmetic products.  This blinc mascara has been scientifically proven to be gentle on the skin.  It is also a good choice for those who wear contact lenses, a population who finds mascara to be problematic at times because of flaking and irritation.  The tubes that are formed on the eyelashes with blinc Mascara stay put until it is time for the user to remove the makeup. 

With blinc Mascara (Multiple Color), volume of lashes is greatly increased.  Lashes are also lengthened, well defined, and curlier.  The blinc Mascara gives a natural appearance of longer, curlier lashes that open the eyes and make the user appear more vibrant.

The blinc Mascara (Multiple Color) is available in a variety of shades:  dark brown, black, dark blue, dark green, dark purple, and medium brown.  blinc Mascara can also be used to further lengthen false lashes, to seal in other mascaras used, and it’s good for sensitive eyes or those who wear contacts. 

Laura Smith, Esthetician at, said, “The tube forming technology that blinc Mascara has achieved places it ahead of the curve in the mascara field.  This mascara will not flake, run, or smudge, yet is easily removed with warm water and a simple pulling off of the “tubes.”  This is a phenomenal addition to’s inventory.”


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