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Borba HD-Illuminating Eye Specialist 0.30oz

Item #: BOR02
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Borba HD-Illuminating Eye Specialist -Borba Eye Cream

The dual-sided Borba HD Illuminating Eye Specialist is a cream for dark circles under eyes that also targets puffiness and the tired look that comes with time and environmental stressors.  Borba Eye Cream uses an advanced Silver Plasma Technology.  The Plasma High Definition Technology is a specialized substance that is used in the latest optical applications of tools and methods to provide the best definition, brightness, and clarity to enlightened images.  This HD Technology has stimulated Borba to develop their Borba HD Illuminating Eye Specialist line of eye care treatment.

The Borba HD Illuminating Eye Specialist is a two-sided treatment.  One side brightens the entire eye area while the other side enlightens it.  The two formulas work together to enliven and rejuvenate tired looking eyes in an instant.  This Borba Eye Cream also contains peptides for rejuvenation, elastin fibers for skin renewal and prismatic micro-Diamonds for a complete anti-aging effect.

One side of the Borba HD Illuminating Eye Specialist contains the Brightening Serum.  This specialized serum attacks wrinkles around the eyes, dark circles and other discolorations that mar the beauty of the eye area.  This serum is translucent and herein lies the Silver Plasma Technology, anti-aging peptides, and amino acids in addition to a silk, collagen and elastin fiber blend for tightening and lifting the skin.  The alternate side of the Borba HD Illuminating Eye Specialist contains the Enlightening Cream.  This Borba Eye Cream gives back much-needed moisture to the skin around the eyes.  It also hides discolorations (such as dark circles) and instantly lightens up the eye area.  This cream is lush and is tinted lightly (nearly transparently) and It contains anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients such as Glycerin and Kojic Acid, in addition to Grape Seed Oil, Olea Europa Fruit Oil, and antioxidants for true anti-aging results.  There are also multivitamins to renew and refresh the skin.  The Diamond Light Diffusers in this Borba Eye Cream work to immediately bring light and the look of youth back to the eyes. 

here is no guesswork involved with the shade selection of the Borba HD Illuminating Eye Specialist either.  The formula’s shade has been developed to complement any skin tone and the anti-aging benefits are unique.  The entire eye area will feel better and look better as soon as the first application


UPC: 878729000898
Item Number: BOR02
Manufacturer: BORBA
Manufacturer Part No: T00070A

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