Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream 0.5oz
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Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream 0.5oz

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Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream -Caudalie Eye

Caudalie takes pride in its inspired Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream patented anti-aging formulation.  Its ingredients are inspired by the eminent vintages of the Bordeux wine region.  Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream is a mixture of all the Caudalie patented ingredients:  Resveratrol-Oleyl, Viniferine, and Grape Seed Polyphenols.  Included in caudalie eye cream are also the most active ingredients available to correct the signs of aging with one singular product. 

Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream is anti-aging eye care that will immediately transform the look and instantly bring back youth to the eyes.  Dark circles beneath the eyes are quickly brightened with this anti wrinkle cream eye care.  The eye area is resculpted, firmed up, and lifted.   Moisture is increased in this delicate area of skin around the eyes.  Wrinkles and fine aging lines are reduced with Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream.

The Caudalie patented Resveratrol-Oleyl is the next Resveratrol generation and is a powerful antioxidant that shields the skin from environmental harm such as pollution.  This patented ingredient is composed of a botanical compound found in grapes grown on particular vines.  Resveratrol is healthy for skin, firms it, and prevents damage from forming due to free radicals.

Viniferine, discovered in 2004, is another patented must in the caudalie  eye cream.  Viniferine is from grapevine sap and has been used for centuries to brighten the facial skin. Grapevines can withstand the harsh climate of wind, rains and more and live for hundreds of years.  The active ingredient in Viniferine brightens dark spots in older, damaged skin, renews complexion and brightens skin overall. 

Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream has the patented Grape-Seed Polyphenol which were discovered by Caudalie in 1995.  These are effective antioxidants that hault the onslaught of free radicals, thus preventing the signs of aging from progressing. 

Caudalie Premier CRU The Eye Cream is the ultimate in anti-aging care for the delicate eye area.  This cream is naturally formulated without parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, or petrochemicals.

Your eyes won't believe their eyes: the only ultimate anti-ageing treatment that both instantly corrects and improves, designed exclusively for the eye contour which is the most delicate part of the face.

A unique formula with 3 Caudalie patents and the very best anti-ageing research, this elixir of youth works wonders on all the signs of ageing: wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, dullness and loss of firmness; leaving your eyes contour with a radiantly youthful look. Its silver, copper and iridescent pearlizers instantly improve dark circles and illuminate the complexion.

Put a small amount of Premier Cru The Eye Cream onto the tip of your finger then apply gently by dabbing from the inside towards the outside of the eye. Smooth lightly starting from the lower eyelid, then move up along the temples as far as the upper eyelid (3 times).

UPC: 3522930010319
Item Number: CAUDALIE18
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