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Starting with a single collagen product launched in 1982, La Maison Clayton Shagal Products now offers a complete line of superior skincare formulas designed to regenerate skin. Privately owned, Clayton Shagal Collagen products are formulated in Germany and manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

The first Clayton Shagal collagen gel product emerged from the transformation of a treatment used in German hospitals for healing a variety of skin ailments including acne, treatment of burns, and other skin disorders. Clayton Shagal collagen gel products transformed this treatment with a revolutionary collagen formulation to create a product which would diminish the signs of aging with new collagen growth. This research and development spurred the Clayton Shagal products team to uncover a unique extraction of macromolecular collagen proteins which soon became an eminent breakthrough discovery in the anti-aging skincare world.

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This single Clayton Shagal collagen gel product was the purest form of collagen ever extracted commercially. Shortly after starting operations in Montreal in 1982, Clayton Shagal products entered the aesthetics industry with its Clayton Shagal collagen gel formulation of 99% collagen. One of the many benefits of this Clayton Shagal collagen formulation was that the Clayton Shagal collagen gel did not require injections to penetrate the skin. Today, Clayton Shagal products remain unsurpassed in formulation and purity.   

“Many of our customers have written in to rave about the benefits of the Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel II. Not only do we receive emails regarding the effectiveness of the Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel II to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, but our customers also use this highly-effective product to diminish stretch marks and birthmarks,” stated Dr. Farid Mostamand, founder of

Clayton Shagal collagen products were developed with a simple and effective approach to revitalizing the skin. The main intent was to develop a Clayton Shagal products collagen line with the goal of understanding the skin’s natural regeneration process. Clayton Shagal products are based on the three main components of the skin: collagen, water, and elastin. This approach to renewing skin with natural elements is best expressed by the professionals at Clayton Shagal products:

“What your skin contains, our products maintain.”   - La Maison Clayton Shagal

The first Clayton Shagal collagen product soon gave birth to a full-range, specialized skincare line which addresses the needs of both young and mature skin for women and men. Its extraordinary growth spurred a full line of anti-aging skincare products to meet every type of skin or condition. Clayton Shagal products are available through thousands of spas, salons, and medical establishments across several continents.

The Clayton Shagal collagen collection advocates three steps to younger, healthier skin: cleanse, nourish, and moisturize with many Clayton Shagal products to choose from including Clayton Shagal Collagen Milk Cleanser, Clayton Shagal Collagen Elastin Gel, Clayton Shagal Collagen Moisturizing Cream, Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Plus, and Clayton Shagal Collagen Gel Lotion.


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Clayton Shagal Skin Care Products

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Wonderful experience -- the seller had this product on my doorstep the morning after I placed the order! I couldn't believe it. The product was cheaper than if I'd bought it in any store and it was SO convenient. I will definitely purchase high-end skin care products from this seller again. Highest recommendation! Thanks so much. Cindy Arizona

Loved the service and the product was in great shape when it arrived. It got to my home before the due schedule and I received free samples as well. It was the least expensive of other vendors selling the same product. Even the samples were of great quality. Denise, California