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Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals

Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals is a name that is loved and trusted by everyone in skin-related fields—dermatologists, cosmetologists, pharmacists, aestheticians, medi-spas, plastic surgeons, and more. The company is dedicated to bettering your skin, hair, and overall body health. All of the products are supported by thorough scientific development and research, which would explain the wonderful reputation that Dermaheal has with not only the United States, but 35 other countries worldwide.

Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals came onto the scene in 2001, when a group of scientists trained in the fields of molecular biology and immunology came together to create a line backed by research in biotechnology science. Since then, Dermaheal has proven to be a global leader in the arena of skin, hair, and body health with their formulas that have been created to heal, improve, and repair your skin as well as prevent undesirable conditions like fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, hair loss, and scarring from surgery or other types of injuries/wounds. With Dermheal, you are getting the most potent (but safe) formulas without the hassle of getting a prescription from your doctor.

Growth factors are one of the elements of the Dermaheal line that make it so original. Growth factors are naturally-made proteins that come from our bodies. They aid in cell turnover, our metabolisms, and our immunity. As we get older, our growth factors decrease and we start to age. Dermaheal uses these growth factors to stop that from happening to your skin, and it’s been proven that it stops wrinkling, impedes the loss of elasticity, evens out skin tone, and prevents the thinning of the skin.

Biomimetic peptides are also an important element of the Dermaheal formulas. Biomimetic peptides essentially mimic the results that growth factors bring about. As we age, communication between the epidermis and dermis starts to decline. When this happens, we start to see a decrease in collagen and therefore elasticity. This accounts for sagging, drooping, wrinkling, thinning of the skin, loss of tone, and more. With the help of the biomimetic peptides that Dermaheal was able to develop, the products bring long-lasting results with virtually no negative side effects.

Amazing ingredients are nothing if the formula doesn’t know how to properly deliver them to your body. This is yet another area in which Dermaheal excels. They utilize a nano-capsulation delivery system. These nano-capsules contain the growth factors and biomimetic peptides in their core. Their outside layer is composed of fatty molecules. This enables them to penetrate the cell membrane and once they do, they open up and disperse the ingredients. This allows for a more efficient formula that travels deep into your skin tissue for quicker, more dramatic results. Taken from the field of pharmaceuticals, it is based on the concept that in order for a product to really work, it has to attack a problem at its very core.

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