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Eminence Calendula Oil 1oz

Eminence Calendula Oil 1oz


Detailed Description

Eminence Calendula Oil 1oz Enriched with antioxidants that will reduce visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, Eminence Calendula Oil is a concentrate that will heal and revitalize the skin. It contains Wheatgerm Oil along with Vitamin F and Vitamin E that will nourish and replenish the skin. 

Eminence Calendula Oil will protect the skin while it combats against the harmful damage done by free radicals. It will keep the skin moisturized and soothed so that the skin is refreshed and feels and looks healthier. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin that flushes easily so it should be a part of your daily skin care regimen. 

Directions: Apply a thin layer over the entire face or apply to affected areas 1-3 times per day. You can also mix 1-3 drops in your hand with your favorite moisturizer and apply to skin. 

Ingredients: Calendula Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Vitamin F, Vitamin E.

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