Frownies Skin Care

Frownies have been a huge hit among women everywhere for years; in fact, some of Hollywood's best known actresses have praised Frownies. Now it's your turn to discover why Frownies have become Hollywood's secret for more youthful skin. If the thought of using any injectable solution, or even worse, undergoing a surgical procedure simply doesn't appeal to you, yet your frown lines and expression lines are a source of unhappiness, you may very well be the perfect candidate for Frownies.

Frownies have been clinically tested to:

- Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes
- Minimize the appearance of dark under-eye circles
- Lighten and rejuvenate the skin underneath the eyes
- Assist in rebuilding lost collagen underneath the eyes

Frownies are simply applied to the areas around the eyes that have deep set wrinkles. They consist of facial pads that are worn at home while you are relaxing or sleeping. Read More about Frownies.
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I am thrilled with my order from DrSkinSpa. Their service is excellent as I had some questions and they responded immediately, plus they sent me some free samples as well. I will recommend this company as they stand behind their products and always deliver what they say they will. You cannot beat them for quality products and excellent customer service.

Michelle, La

Received my order today from DrSkinSpa and was so happy because it came before the delivery date. I was excited to try this new product and am glad to say that it is exactly what I wanted. I have had problems with my skin and DrSkinSpa always has the best products at the best prices. Plus they offer the opportunity to talk to an esthetician so you can really understand what each product will do before you purchase it.

Joanna, Texas