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Jurlique Skin Care

While in the past companies looked to the secrets of man made products to try and create medicines to treat and improve skin, more recent discoveries have taken the industry in a different direction. Jurlique is one of the leading companies that have realized that the secrets contained in many of the natural products that grow in the earth contain skin healing and nourishing secrets. Their research into this area has led to the creation of their outstanding organic skin care line.

Jurlique has a wide product range that includes their organic skin care line, but which also includes bath products, aromatherapy, hair, and baby oriented products. The unique thing about this Australian company is that they control every aspect of their product creation process. Instead of sourcing their ingredients, they also own a farming operation where they grow the key ingredients for their product lines. Read More about Jurlique.

Jurlique: Australian Botanicals for Effective Skincare >>

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Jurlique: Australian Botanicals for Effective Skincare

Jurlique is not your average skincare company. This Australian-based enterprise does not "produce" skincare; instead, it "grows" its formulas on its own farm nestled within the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Botanicals directly from the farm provide Jurlique with the necessary ingredients to offer the "purest skincare products on earth."

Jurlique offers a wide range of products, including skincare, bath and body formulas and aromatherapy.

About the Company

The company was originally founded in 1985 by Dr. Jurgen Klein and his wife Ulrike. Both founders were chemists and herbologists and used their unique backgrounds to develop formulas that brought the best of both worlds into skincare products designed to maintain, preserve, restore and protect the skin. The line is created through state-of-the-art research labs that continue to work on developing the most potent, innovative natural skincare available in the world.

Today, Jurlique is available through a handful of stores and online retailers. Customers can also find the products for sale on the company website. The company profile continues to remain largely Australian, although countries across the globe are beginning to tune into the benefits of this all natural skincare line as well.

About the Ingredients

Although Jurlique is constantly striving to provide the latest skincare innovations to its customers, the product formulas remain completely natural. Core ingredients in the Jurlique products include rose and lavender oil. The oils are extracted directly from the plants on the Jurlique farm, so customers can rest assured the ingredients are the freshest and most potent substances available.

Other ingredients unique to the Jurlique line include ibisabol oil, which is from the Candeia plant, grape seed oil and turmeric extract. An antioxidant blend of grape seed oil, green tea and turmeric are also used in some formulas to protect the skin from environmental free radicals and prevent the signs of aging.

About the Products

The Herbal Recovery Gel and is one of the more popular Jurlique products, and it includes potent ingredients like licorice root extract, vitamin C and retinol to improve skin's texture and diminish the signs of aging. Another popula product is Jurlique calendula cream. Moisture Replenishing Cream is another popular choice, with rich ingredients like avocado and rosehip to moisturize and protect the skin from further dryness. The Rosewater Balancing Mist is an all-purpose product with rose flower extract to restore, tone and hydrate the skin.

Jurlique offers a unique, all-natural approach to skincare, with ingredients grown right on their own farm in Australia. A variety of botanicals are used in a range of combinations to address a host of skin concerns. If you are looking for skincare products that nourish as they treat, Jurlique might be the right solution for you.



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