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Lifeline Skin Care

 Just ask a top dermatologist and a few “in-the-know” beauty editors about Lifeline®   Creams containing non-embryonic human stem cells and you will hear about anti-aging products that will change your life!

Wrinkles, dark spots on the skin, fine lines, dull skin that’s become dry and sagging—these are all unwanted signs of aging that, until now, have been difficult to prevent and reverse.  Lifeline®  skin care products are here to finally solve your issues with the wrinkles and loss of collagen that can give away your age. 

The difference with Lifeline®  lies within its groundbreaking use of non-embryonic stem cells (HCS-X. Lifeline®  has made a huge discovery and now is the first company to  integrate their patented methods of extracting human stem cells that are non-embryonic into products to create and rejuvenate new skin for their overjoyed clients.  Hollywood stars, like never-aging Halle Berry, are the ageless beauty litmus test we all strive to emulate.

Because of these specialized stem cells, Lifeline skin care  products have been clinically proven to improve skin hydration and elasticity, lessen the appearance of wrinkles, and brighten skin tone, all within 30 days of use.  Your skin will glow and the speedy production of new cells will make you look and feel years younger and healthier.  Aside from the powerful HCS-X ingredients, Lifeline®  products may contain Vitamin C, Matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, peptides and a bevy of other naturally-derived anti-aging substances.

Dr. Elizabeth K. Hale, a New York University dermatologist, wholly endorsed the Lifeline®  stem cell skin rejuvenating line of products during an interview with Access Hollywood.  Dr. Hale understands that the role of human stem cells is to renew damaged skin tissue.  The extracts from non-embryonic stem cells target skin that is damaged from sun exposure and/or aging and then gets to work on repairing and renewing wrinkles, sagging, and facial tone. 

Beauty magazines and web sites are singing the praises of Lifeline skin care products.  The beauty e-zine,, has named Lifeline  Eye Firming Complex one of the “Best New Anti-Aging Products” on the market.  The stem cell extracts encourage the production of new collagen to wipe away the signs of premature aging.   And the prestigious magazine,, also gave top honors to Lifeline  Eye Firming Cream, showcasing the product as one of  the “Best Stem Cell Face Creams.”  The Lifeline   Stem Cell Skin Care Eye Firming Complex was also featured on as one of most innovative eye treatments around today.  And the editors at found the Lifeline   Stem Cell Skin Care Defensive DAY Moisture Serum and Recovery NIGHT Moisture Serum to be one of the “Best Beauty Breakthroughs of 2012!” 

The stem cell compound found in Lifeline   skin care products is the result of research conducted by a Russian scientist, Dr. Elena Revazova, who was searching for a cure for diabetes.  During her quest, she stumbled upon a discovery that led to her creation of the first non-embryonic human stem cells.  This class of stem cells can multiply and stay alive nearly forever.  Because of her discovery, diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, blindness, and liver ailments are that much closer to a cure.

With the amazing ingredients contained in the Lifeline skin care, thousands upon thousands of young, new, healthy skin cells are formulated.  Your face will regain the fullness and volume it has lost.  Those lines surrounding your mouth and eyes will be filled in and ironed out. You skin’s cells are literally being rebuilt due to this amazing stem cell discovery that has at last been made available to the public.

Lifeline’s  stem cell extracts are non-embryonic, meaning no embryos are ever destroyed for the purpose of this research.  And Lifeline skin care  is the one and only company in the world today that manufacturers creams that contain these specialized stem cell extracts. 



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I just ordered some skin care products from DrSkinSpa and I am so excited because they were so helpful. I had lots of questions because I don’t understand what all these different products do but Mike in customer service sorted it out for me. What a huge bonus to be able to get the help you need. Plus he will be sending me some extra samples to try out too. What a great place to buy skin care products!

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