Nisim hair regrowth for Your Dry Skin and Scalp

Nisim Hair regrowth and Scalp Extract Gel Formula

When it comes to skin, Nisim hair regrowth has you covered from head to toe.  Nisim is perfect for dry skin and is a natural moisturizer cream solution.  For those with dry skin, especially on the scalp, Nisim is a dream come true.  From shampoos and conditioners for dry skin and scalp to products for hair regrowth, Nisim is the skin care company that is ready to take care of all your worries concerning both skin and hair.

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Nisim International is based in Toronto, Canada where all of its fine products are formulated and made.  The active ingredients in Nisim’s products are derived from natural herbs using a special system that guarantees maximum effects for your body and dry skin.  What exactly does the company name, Nisim, mean?  It literally means “miracle” in Hebrew, and the Nisim name was coined by the company’s original founders.

And Nisim hair regrowth is indeed a miracle brew of products for dry skin, hair styling gels, scalp treatments, hair removal solutions and moisturizer cream for hair, scalp and body.  Take the Nisim Hair regrowth and Scalp Extract Gel Formula as a prime example of the miracles that can happen with Nisim.  The gel is no ordinary hair gel!  For those with aging or thinning hair, Nisim is a dream come true.  The gel is massaged into the scalp, much as a moisturizing cream; in fact, it feels wonderfully hydrating, just like a moisturizing cream.  The Nisim Hair and Scalp Extract Gel is great for scalps with dry skin, oily skin, or normal skin. 

The all-natural ingredients in Nisim’s Hair and Scalp Gel are dynamic in that they neutralize DHT, a leading cause of hair loss.  Blocking DHT stops the hair follicles from shrinking, making hair eventually fall out and thin.  This extract contains no chemical irritants, so it is safe for your dry skin and is also a moisturizer cream, not drying out your scalp as it regrows your hair.  The effective ingredients include saw palmetto extract, an herbal extract, Horsetail extract, rosemary, and chamomile.  You will look and feel younger with a full head of luxurious hair using Nisim.

As you grow older, it’s only natural for the hair to begin to thin out.  You eventually can acquire dry skin all over the body, usually including the scalp, though the scalp can also become oily.  Nisim hair regrowth is perfect for any of these skin conditions.  In fact, Nisim has an excellent line of hair care products known as the FAST line.  FAST is a dual product system consisting of a shampoo and conditioner for quick hair growth.  The FAST system is rich in amino acids, which are also great for dry skin and itching.

The Nisim hair regrowth FAST shampoo will help your hair grow 45% faster than normal.  The natural herbs and essential amino acids are blended to provide fast hair growth for those with oily or dry skin issues.  The Nisim hair regrowth shampoo is like a moisturizer cream for your hair; it makes your hair thicker and more luxurious.


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