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Nuxe Men Anti-Irritating Shaving Gel 150 ml

Nuxe Men Anti-Irritating Shaving Gel 150 ml


Detailed Description

Nuxe Men Anti-Irritating Shaving Gel 150 ml has been formulated to facilitate precise shaving while keeping your skin from becoming irritated. This shaving gel encourages the blade to slide over the skin without cutting or irritating you while it restores the hydrolipidic film with the ingredients sandalwood and phellodendron by boosting your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Nuxe Men Anti-Irritating Shaving Gel is hypoallergenic and perfect for use by people with all skin types. The formula helps you achieve the perfect shave by swelling the hair so that the blade of your razor can pick it up easily. This will also reduce the appearance of ingrown hairs with Urea Derivative, plus Vegetal Glycerin makes your skin much more supple and flexible and will prevent any cuts or dragging across the skin. For best results, shake the bottle well and spray a small amount of the gel into your hands before applying it to your damp face. Massage it into your skin, lather, and shave as usual. Rinse your face with water after you are done shaving. Regular use of this shaving gel as part of your daily skin care regimen will leave your skin much smoother and make shaving much easier to deal with every day.

Directions: Spray a small amount to your damp face and massage into skin. Shave and rinse with water.

Ingredients: Sandalwood; Phellodendron; Urea Derivative; Vegetal Glycerin.


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