Olivella is a skin care anti-aging line coming straight out of Italy in the Umbria region, known for its olives and 100% pure virgin olive oil.   The Olivella products for anti-aging are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, so important in the skin care anti-aging industry.  The analysts at Olivella conduct extensive research before selecting the perfect anti-aging product for its loyal client base.

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Olivella Helps You Rebuild Your Skin the Natural Way

The sixty-year-old Olivella Company makes gentle yet very effective products for anti aging.  The Olivella vision is of the beloved olive tree, seen as a fountain of youth for its liquid gold olive oil.

The family of Olivella products for anti aging is made of 100% Italian Virgin Olive Oil.  This is a safe and natural anti ageing product ingredient.  It’s gentle, non-allergenic, and totally born of nature.  These skin care anti aging Olivella products contain natural antioxidants such as certain vitamins.  The Olivella line is free of sodium laureth sulfates, parabens, artificial colorants, and animal ingredients or fats.  The green color of any Olivella anti ageing product is derived from natural chlorophyll, a plant substance.  Olivella products for anti aging are so pure, they are deemed to be Kosher by the Orthodox Union.  All products have been dermatologist tested for safety.

One of the most popular skin care anti aging creams that Olivella produces is the Olivella Anti Wrinkle Cream.  This facial anti ageing product has an allergy free fragrance and is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.  This pure anti ageing product is made up of a variety of olive oil compounds.  Olivella Anti Wrinkle Cream also contains an extract from the beech tree.  This is a powerful antioxidant that reduces wrinkles, makes the skin smoother, and is highly moisturizing.  This beech extract has excellent rejuvenating qualities.

Olivella’s products for anti aging contain the moisture-giving sodium hyaluronate.  It can reach deeply into the skin to attract water and maintain water balance.  This skin care anti aging ingredient makes the skin very soft and smooth.  The tocopherol in Olivella is a natural compound that is very similar to Vitamin E.  It’s a healing agent for the skin.

Olivella Nourishing Cream is another one of their many products for anti aging results.  This is a face cream for day or night that is not greasy-feeling.  It’s excellent for dry aging skin and helps with restoring the skin’s lipid barrier.  It contains olive fruit oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, musk rose seed oil, and more soothing, hydrating natural ingredients for a youthful look that will turn heads.

But Olivella doesn’t stop there.  With their nutritious and special olive oil concept, they have developed liquid and bar soaps, shower gels, a variety of face, body and hand creams, hair products, fragrances and more.  Their anti ageing product skin care line is all natural.  It unleashes the power of nature via the olive tree region of Umbria, Italy, where the Mediterranean Diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants is now available for your skin.