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Omic/Isis Moisture Rescue-Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer

Omic/Isis Moisture Rescue-Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer 1.35oz


Detailed Description

Omic/Isis Moisture Rescue Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer 1.35oz is formulated for those people who have dry or sensitive skin that is easily irritated. It will replenish skin that is stressed with a super reparative peptide. It is a moisturizer that will provide you with long lasting hydration for up to 24 hours per day. Your skin will be restored and feel more comfortable and this moisturizer will soothe any existing skin irritations so the skin is calmer. It will also help to ensure that the skin does not become irritated any more. It is ideal as a make-up base and can also be used after laser or cosmetic treatments

Omic/Isis Moisture Rescue Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer has a double patented Moist 24 and tetrapeptide skinasensyl that will deliver the hydration needed for people with over reactive skin. Your skin will have more balance and moisture retention so your skin can totally recover its nourishment. It will increase the skin’s tolerance to environmental stressors like weather, sun and wind. It will also minimize the skin’s sensitivity so that it is more comfortable and less sensitive. Regular use of this dynamic moisturizer that provides the ultimate in hydration as part of your daily skin care regimen will leave the skin healthier, less irritated or sensitive and ultimately balanced and well hydrated throughout the day.

Directions: Apply as often as needed to clean dry skin.

Ingredients: See package for ingredients.

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