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Omic/Isis OneTone Skin Lightening Serum Hydroquinone Free

Omic/Isis OneTone Skin Lightening Serum 0.85oz

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Detailed Description

Omic/Isis One Tone Skin Lightening Serum Hydroquinone Free 0.85oz is designed for use by people with all types of skin to target pigmentation issues and even out skin tones. It will reduce dark spots and age spots and prevent them from reoccurring. This serum is ideal for those people who have oily skin or skin that is prone to acne and breaking out. It will promote skin clarity and skin tones so that the skin is brighter and more evenly toned and much healthier looking.

Omic/Isis One Tone Skin Lightening Serum Hydroquinone Free is the perfect formula to stop over production of melanin in the skin that causes dark spots. It has six active ingredients that work in synergy to even out the skin tones so the skin is noticeably lighter and brighter. This serum will absorb and dry quickly but if stinging, drying or other irritation occurs you should reduce the serum to every other night or contact a skin care professional. You should avoid sun exposure when using this product and should always use a sun protection with SPF of 30 or higher while using this serum to prevent dark spots from returning.

Directions: Apply to dark pigmented areas on clean dry skin, preferably at night.

Ingredients: See package for details.



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