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Omic/Isis Rosacea Relief-Ruboril Soothing Lotion

Omic/Isis Rosacea Relief Ruboril Soothing Lotion 1oz


Detailed Description

Omic/Isis Rosacea Relief Ruboril Soothing Lotion 1oz is designed to be used by people with all types of skin but especially those who have sensitive skin that is easily irritated. It is a soothing lotion that will reduce any facial redness that can be very unattractive and calm skin that is prone to irritation. This dynamic lotion will also help to prevent any flare ups that occur keeping your skin calmer and soothed without any irritation. It will reduce inflammation that can be caused by skin that is sensitive.

Omic/Isis Rosacea Relief Ruboril Soothing Lotion is free of parabens and fragrances to ensure that sensitive skin prone to rosacea does not get irritated. It contains Borago Seed Oil and Licorice Extract that have anti-inflammatory properties to comfort skin that is stressed. It also is formulated with Golden Chamomile that is a potent antioxidant to keep the skin protected and reduce the frequency of flare ups. It will also protect skin that is delicate from harmful environmental stressors like wind, weather and sun that can cause further damage to the skin. Regular use of this dynamic lotion as part of your daily regimen will keep the skin healthier and free of redness or inflammation.

Directions: Apply to skin morning and evening.

Ingredients: Borago Seed Oil, Licorice Extract, Golden Chamomile.

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