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Omic Skincare has found a way to get positive results for everyone’s skin, using the latest scientific discoveries that pack the most punch for your skin care needs.  There are many different skin care issues that need to be dealt with on a daily basis by people with a wide variety of skin types and ethnicities. Whether you are seeking an effective lotion for the face, a great skin whitening product, an anti aging face cream or other face and body beautifiers, Omic Skincare has the targeted solution for you.

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Omic Skincare is devoted to producing the most potent formulations for their clients.  The company is known for making products that provide quick, visible results that will show off clear, healthy skin:  a most desirable result indeed.   Part of the Mitchell Group brand, Omic Skincare addresses a wide variety of dermatological concerns which are answered in the form of an acne face cream, a rosacea lotion for the face, skin whitening products, makeups and sunscreens. 

When it comes to developing the finest anti aging face cream, Omic Skincare has you covered.  When your skin loses its once-youthful radiance, Omic Skincare is there to bring it back for you.  The Omic SkinPolish Exfoliating Face Cream redefines your dull skin, bringing a glow back to your face.  Made with natural jojoba beads that moisturize the skin and aloe and chamomile to soothe it, your skin will feel as good as it looks when using Omic Skincare Face Cream.  But Omic Skincare did not stop there!  They’ve added powerful anti-oxidants in the form of green tea and Vitamin C to add a layer of anti aging protection as you’ve never known before.  It’s an all-natural, safe lotion for the face and will leave you gazing into the mirror with satisfaction.  The exfoliating face cream is for all skin types and need only be used once or twice a week for optimal results.

Many of us worry and fret over our uneven skin tone.  Well, Omic Skincare has that covered, too.  For the most effective skin whitening product on the market, look for Omic/Isis Nano Vitamin C Premium Serum.  This skin whitening serum will not only brighten and lighten your skin, evening out the tone, but will also fight free radical damage, boost up the production of collagen and fight the signs of aging.  Vitamin C is a potent UV damage fighter and preventative; a wonderful skin whitening aid.  This skin whitening Omic product continues to work on your skin for a full 72 hours after application, providing a non-irritating and effective skin whitening solution. 

If rosacea is a problem for you, Omic has more than one lotion for the face to fight it.  One of these lotion for the face solutions is aptly named Omic Rosacea Relief-Ruboril Soothing Lotion.  This lotion for the face is primarily for rosacea for will help with any skin that becomes reddened or is prone to inflammation.  Here is a unique lotion for the face, fighting rosacea, that is free of parabens or fragrances that can irritate.  The Borago Seed Oil, Licorice Extract, and Golden Chamomile work synergistically to soothe, protect, and heal the skin.



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DrSkinSpa is the best! I have been using them for several years and always can depend on the quality of the products and the fast delivery service. If I ever have any issues….which is rare….I can always count on their customer service to straighten things out for me. They are convenient and have a great selection. What could be better?

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