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Discover rich, thick, luxurious eyelashes in just 28 days with the original creator of the most recommended product in the world for thickening and beautifying lashes. Talika Paris skincare products are world famous for enhancing lashes, brows, fingernails, lips, and more.

Since its inception over 60 years ago, millions of men and women, including countless celebrities, have been using Talika Lipocils products to thicken and increase the volume of eyelashes and eyebrows.

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Talika Lipocils are tried and true. Talika eyelash and Talika eyebrow products have passed rigorous clinical trials to produce the noticeable results our customers want,” stated Rachel Goodyear, esthetician at DrSkinSpa.com.

In a Paris hospital in 1948, Dr. Danielle Roches treated war wounds on soldiers with a special antibacterial cream derived from plant extracts. Dr. Roches noted the cream not only promoted healing, but also offered a remarkable secondary benefit of thickening eyelashes and eyebrows. From this discovery, Talika eyelash and Talika eyebrow products were born.

Talika eyelash and Talika eyebrow products were bought in 1994 by Alexis de Brosses and is still privately owned. Talika Eyebrow Lipocils and Talika Eyelash Lipocils were launched in 1996 to address the market concerned with thinning eyelashes and eyebrows. Talika Lipocils offer original, effective solutions to eye care, nail care, and hand care. 

Talika Lipocils Eye Therapy Patches stimulate cell function to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes. Brad Pitt’s makeup artist for World War Z uses Talika Lipocils Eye Therapy Patches and states: “We are in our second month of shooting and loving the eye pads. Is there a chance we can get more? We use them every day.” –Star Magazine  September 2011

Award-winning Talika Lipocils products focus on three areas: eyes, face, and hands. Talika Eyelash Growth Conditioning Gel guarantees thicker, more luxurious lashes within 28 days. Talika eyelash gel is comprised of drug-free, natural, plant extracts to repair existing eyelashes and promote new growth. Talika Eyebrow Conditioning Gel is also a plant-based gel which stimulates growth to promote healthier, thicker brows. Talika Lipocils Nail Regenerator Serum heals cuticles and strengthens nails. Talika Lipocils Hand Anti-Aging Serum diminishes age spots, plumps wrinkles, and moisturizes skin. Talika eyelash and Talika eyebrow products are available separately or in kits. Read more about Talika products



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