Soothe and Repair Your Skin with Tensage aging cream

You can now delay and even prevent the tell tale signs of aging with a preventative ageing cream line by Tensage. From facial skin to the entire body, Tensage has your dermatological skin care needs are covered.  Not only will Tensage’s products eliminate the signs of aging, they will also soothe and repair the skin, especially following any dermatologic procedures when skin is often raw and red.

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Tensage Soothing Cream 1oz
Tensage Soothing Cream 1oz

Tensage is brought to customers by Biopelle, a groundbreaking company dedicated to the art of beauty through science. Biopelle is dedicate to discovering the latest skin care technologies for women to come up to their full potential aesthetically. The health and appearance of women’s skin is the company’s focus in addition to preventing skin and repairing skin damage due to environmental causes and aging.

Tensage uses its SCA Repair Technology to slow and even reverse the signs of aging in its Intensive Ampoules, giving you a 40 on the Repair Index, the highest score possible. With this ageing cream, results are seen in just one week. SCA stands for the naturally existingSubstance excreted from the Cryptomphalus Aspersa, a snail. After an injury, this type of snail secretes this substance to repair its skin in just one day’s time. And it has now been scientifically proven to do the same for human skin, aiding in wound healing and as a powerful anti ageing lotion ingredient. SCA Technology works in this ageing cream to soften wrinkles, lessen fine lines, improve the texture of skin, and increase tone and elasticity.

Tensage’s anti ageing lotion for the eye area helps repair the damage done by the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Wrinkles in the delicate eye area need a strong, effective anti ageing lotion. The area needs to be tightened and smoothed and Tensage Eye Contour Cream will get this accomplished. It contains the wrinkle aging cream reducing wonders of snail secretion filtrate. This ageing cream filtrate has natural regenerative abilities that can restore the extracellular matrix back to its previous state of beauty. A natural lifting of the skin is achieved and wrinkles are thereby greatly lessened. It contains allantoin to soothe the skin and provide cellular support. The snail secretion filtrate also contains enzymes, anti oxidants, peptides, and vitamins. This is an aging cream dream ingredient that is all natural.

With Tensage Advanced Cream, the skin will be renewed once more. This anti aging cream works to iron out wrinkles and is a fantastic skin soother for post-dermatologic procedures. This wonderful ageing cream also has snail secretion filtrate and allantoin in it. In addition, Tensage has placed a variety of other natural aging cream wrinkle reducing and skin soothing substances in this anti ageing lotion such as Limanthes Alba Seed Oil, PEG-8 Ester (a fatty acid for soothing) and soy protein to protect aging skin. Also on the top of the list of must-have anti aging cream solutions are Tensage Firming Cream and Tensage Soothing Cream.



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Wonderful seller. Not only the items arrived promptly, it was well packaged. The seller even added a few samples of different products from the same brand I ordered. I tried them, loved them and will now reorder from this exact seller. Excellent all around!

Mariam, Oregon