Bioelements: Professional Strength Formulas for Stellar Results

Bioelements skin care products are available through high end spas and aestheticians. In fact, if you have ever had a professional skin care treatment, there is a good chance Bioelements products were used during the session! This skin care company prides itself on providing professional strength, all-natural nourishment for every skin type. The products can be purchased through many of the spas that utilize them and other spas offer them on their websites as well.

About the Company

Bioelements has been providing high quality supplies to spas and aestheticians since 1991. The company was originally founded by Barbara Salomone, one of the first licensed aestheticians in the United States. Salomone's goal was to create a line of products that could address specific skin issues, like acne and aging, and transform the way professionals treat the skin. With the help of a team of cosmetic chemists and expert aestheticians, the Bioelements line was born.

However, the Bioelements skin care line isn't just about high quality formulas; it also involves educating the professionals who use them. Salomone opened her first advanced learning center for professional skin care providers in 1985; long before the first Bioelements products was introduced to the market. When word spread about the benefits the center provided, Bioelements became known for its educational benefits as well as its skin care line. Today, Bioelements offers a host of educational opportunities, including online classes, treatment guides and step-by-step videos.

About the Ingredients

Bioelements is committed to finding the most potent, effective ingredients possible to put into all of their skin care formulas. Some of the ingredients come directly from nature, while others are created from science. The careful balance between the two results in products that are safe and gentle for the skin, while offering the healthy boost of potency needed to provide truly stellar results.

About the Products

Bioelements is unique in the way they group put a handful of their products into specific skin care systems. This gives aestheticians the confidence to know how to combine formulas for the best results possible. The same products that are used in the spa or salon can also be used at home to maintain fabulous results. This allows users to enjoy ongoing results between spa appointments for a more satisfying experience overall.

Bioelements offers formulas for every possible skin type, so treatments can precisely address the user's specific needs. Custom blending is available to aestheticians, who can pinpoint the ingredients your skin needs, in the right potency, to achieve the best results. For home use, products are available for oily, dry and aging skin, as well as treatment options for the eyes and lips, sun damage and sensitive skin. The company even offers a line of skin care for men.

Bioelements offers professional-grade formulas for use in both the spa and at home. The skin care products contain a delicate balance of natural and scientifically formulated ingredients that are designed to work together for the best results possible. If you are interested in Bioelements products, check with your local spa or online to find the best skin care products for your needs.