Colorescience: Where Science and Beauty Meet

Colorescience offers a wide range of mineral-based skin care and cosmetic products. The formulas in the Colorscience line are devoid of any artificial fillers, including talc, dyes and perfumes, which are commonly seen in many cosmetic and skin care products today. The founder of the company, Diane Ranger, was the original inventor of mineral makeup and coined the phrase back in 1977. Today, Ranger has found a way to incorporate minerals into many types of skin care products. Colorscience is available through high end spas and can also be purchased online.

About the Company

Colorscience is the result of more than 30 years of research by Ranger in the field of mineral makeup. The Colorscience products pack a wealth of innovation and science into every single formula, with ingredients designed to treat the skin gently while offering a significant potency that provides serious results. Ranger has moved past the idea that makeup is simply to enhance one's appearance; her Colorscience products are also good for the skin so your natural beauty can easily shine through.

Today, Colorscience is used by many high end spas, and includes post-treatment kits that help the skin heal more quickly and offer enhanced results after cosmetic procedures. the extensive skin care and cosmetic lines offer something for every need and skin type, so customers can find the products tailored specifically to them.

About the Ingredients

Mineral makeup is a large and growing trend in the cosmetic industry right now, leading some companies to create a lower quality product for the sake of turning a profit. Consumers must use caution when shopping for mineral-based cosmetics to ensure the products they choose are not stuffed with unhealthy fillers that get in the way of the effectiveness of the minerals. Colorscience contains no synthetic fillers, so the minerals included in the formulas can work at full potency. Products go on light and work all day long to keep skin fresh, clean and radiant.

About the Products

The Colorscience line includes the following:

  • Skin care products for the face
  • Formulas specifically designed for the eyes and lips
  • Sun protection formulas
  • Post-treatment kits used by spas and professional aestheticians

Skin care products are broken down into specific skin issues, including problem skin, sensitive skin and complexions with redness or discoloration. Skin care lines incorporate cleansers, primers and sun protection, along with foundation to camouflage problems as it treats them. Face enhancement products include a broad spectrum of cosmetics, with enough colors to meet the needs of just about every complexion. Many formulas come with sun protection up to SPF 50, ensuring prevention of future damage to skin as it treats current issues.

Colorscience uses the latest in scientific innovation to create skin care products and cosmetics that are effective and beneficial to the skin. Whether you are looking for ways to treat very specific skin conditions, or simply want cosmetics that benefit your complexion while they enhance it, you can find Colorscience products that meet your needs and help your inner beauty shine.