Sensitive Skin is Soothed with Refinity's COSMEDERM-7 Foundation

The Refinity Skin Solutions system, which includes an in-office peel and an at-home regimen, allows dermatologists to deliver maximum, medical strength results without irritating the skin or causing discomfort to the patient.

Used in both office and at-home settings, the Refinity COSMEDERM-7 Foundation includes a high-performance AHA skincare system that has been formulated with a patented, non-irritant called COSMEDERM-7.

The Refinity COSMEDERM-7 Skin Solutions system begins with an in-office peel that is designed to accelerate exfoliation, and it is then followed up with at-home products to deliver maximum results. The office peel is a 70 percent glycolic acid peel that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the skin's texture and tone. And unlike typical cosmetic peels, the Refinity COSMEDERM-7 Skin Solutions peel causes little irritation to the skin due to the patented COSMEDERM-7 anti-irritant.

Make no doubt about it, though: the Refinity Skin Solutions peel with COSMEDERM-7 produces dramatic results, even after the first peel, as the COSMEDERM-7 allows the dermatologist to deliver the maximum benefits of a 70 percent peel during the first treatment; this is unlike other peels that must gradually build up the AHA concentration as to not irritate the individual's skin.

What is COSMEDERM-7?

COSMEDERM-7 is the commercial name for naturally occurring strontium salt compounds that have been clinically proven to minimize, or even eliminate, much of the skin irritation that accompanies high-acid level facial peels. The result: very little stinging, itching and burning.

It is important to point out that COSMEDERM-7 is not a topical anesthetic and does not numb a patient's face during the procedure; instead, it has been clinically proven to greatly reduce the sensory irritation by as much as 77 percent.

Maximum Effectiveness, Minimal Discomfort

COSMEDERM-7 allows the Refinity Skin Solutions peel to deliver the highest concentrations of active ingredients to produce the most dramatic results; these are concentrations that would have otherwise been too irritating to deliver to the skin. In other words, effectiveness is maximized and discomfort is minimized during and after a Refinity Skin Solutions peel with COSMEDERM-7.

The Refinity Skin Solutions facial peel is an in-office procedure that takes no more than 30 minutes to complete. The soothing properties of the COSMEDERM-7 allow individuals to experience very little irritation and resume their normal activities almost immediately following treatment.

After treatment, most patients will immediately notice that their skin feels softer and smoother. Patients who want smoother, clearer skin, and patients who have not seen a dramatic difference in their skin after several typical facial peels, will also benefit from this highly effective skincare system.