DDF: Doctor Formulated for Better Results

The DDF skin care line was originally formulated by a New York dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Howard Sobel, for the benefit of his patients. The popularity of his formulas resulted in the spread of his products to high end spas, professional aestheticians and some retail stores. DDF skin care focuses on three key steps to more beautiful skin; cleansing, protecting and treating all types of complexions to address specific issues and allow one's inner radiance to shine through.

About the Company

Dr. Sobel originally founded HDS Cosmetic Lab in 1991, where he produced the first skin care formulas to use on his own patients. The focus of HDS formulas was to unite cosmetic dermatology with topical skin care for products that provided stellar results without a prescription. Two years later, Dr. Sobel's sister, nutritional expert Elaine Linker, joined the company to help expand production and educate the general public about the products. The company also recruited the expertise of a leading biochemist to explore the field of cell physiology in how it relates to skin care.

In 1995, Dr. Sobel changed the name of his company to DDF; Doctor's Dermatologic Formula. At this time, the company adopted a skin care philosophy of "cleanse, protect and treat" and today, all of the products in the line are precisely formulated to accommodate one of these important skin care steps. Distribution also expanded, leading up to DDF's reputation today as one of the leading skin care formula providers in the United States.

About the Ingredients

DDF uses a variety of ingredients in their skin care formulas, including natural botanicals and marine extracts, as well as proven anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides. Acne fighting formulas include substances like glycolic acid and sulfur, while skin brightening products offer proven additions like hydroquinone to the mix. No matter what your skin type or concerns might be, you can find a formula for your needs containing ingredients that have been scientifically shown to treat your specific condition.

About the Products

DDF does a good job of categorizing products by skin type, making it easy for customers to find the precise formulas for their needs. The anti-aging products are divided between preventative and restorative care, so you can choose your formulas based on your age and the amount of skin damage you have already experienced. Customers can also shop for products based on the formula purpose, such as cleansers, moisturizers and specific treatments.

DDF also provides a number of skin care kits, making it easy for customers to choose the products designed to work together for best results. The Decelerate Professional Anti-Aging Protocol kit includes a wash containing glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation, a daily moisturizer with an SPF 15 to prevent further sun damage and a protective cream specifically designed for the eyes. The kit also includes a healthy cell serum that includes potent peptides, amino acids and antioxidants to correct current signs of aging and prevent future damage from occurring.

DDF is a professionally-designed skin care system that you can purchase without a description. No matter what your skin type or specific needs might be, you can find a DDF line for your complexion.