Discover Your Natural Beauty with Dermalogica

The Dermalogica skin care line was originally created more than 25 years ago to offer an all natural solution to skin care. The products do not contain artificial dyes, colors or fragrances, so skin sensitivity to the formulas is greatly reduced. Instead, the products combine a variety of botanicals and natural ingredients to cleanse, treat and protect a variety of skin types. The products are available for purchase at locations across the United States and through online retailers.

About the Company

Dermalogica brings more than 25 years of experience to the table, when it was originally created by The International Dermal Institute. IDI was originally founded by British skin-care therapist Jane Wurwand in 1983, when Wurwand discovered a need to educate and train aestheticians in the United States. Wurwand began with a single, small classroom in Marina Del Rey, California, and today, IDI offers world class training in skin care at more than 40 locations worldwide.

The Dermalogica skin care brand was introduced to the market in 1986, with formulas that would improve skin health without harsh ingredients to irritate the skin. In addition to safe, gentle formulas, the Dermalogica brand is backed up by years of training and experience by one of the leaders in professional skin care. The products are used across the globe by people with every skin type who want to achieve more beautiful skin the natural way.

About the Ingredients

Dermalogica substitutes many of the common synthetic ingredients found in skin care formulas today with natural botanicals and proven substances to treat a host of skin concerns. For example, the acne fighting line of products combine proven salicylic acid with a variety of soothing botanicals that reduce inflammation while they prevent future breakouts. Anti-aging products include powerful peptides along with herbs and botanicals that provide skin with much needed nutrients as it ages.

About the Products

While the Dermalogica products claim to be gentle enough for any skin type, product systems are broken into categories to address very specific skin concerns. The MediBac line is designed for those dealing with adult acne, while the UltraCalming line is recommended for those with sensitive skin. Aging skin demands respond best to the AGE Smart skin care line , complete with cleansers, moisturizers and treatment options that can turn back the clock on the skin and prevent future damage.

The Daylight Defense products provide potent SPF protection while offering the skin essential nutrients at the same time. Dermalogica also offers formulas to treat sun damage by soothing and repairing burned skin. The company's line of skin brighteners offers formulas with peptides and other ingredients that work together to even skin tone and produce a brighter, younger looking complexion.

Dermalogica was one of the first skin care lines to offer all natural ingredients without harsh synthetic substances that irritate skin. Whether you are looking for a specific skin treatment system, or simply want to discover a healthier, more radiant complexion, you can find Dermalogica products to meet your precise needs.