Often referred to as the "facialist to the stars," Ole Henriksen has designed an array of natural skin care products that use pure, highly effective ingredients to produce only the best results

This quality skincare line, which has been highly sought after by celebrities and beauty editors in Hollywood for years, addresses many skin care issues and allows individuals to effortlessly complete their skincare schedule using an easy-to-follow routine.

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Ole Henriksen Skin Care

When developing a new product, Ole Henriksen considers how the product interacts with the skin. He then combines the new formulation, which typically includes exotic and effectual ingredients, with the current portfolio of soothing, hydrating, retexturizing and renewing ingredients already used in the Ole Henriksen line of skincare products. Ole Henriksen combines four elements into every one of his products: nature, science, beauty and wellness. These elements allow Ole Henriksen to make a "total lifestyle line" that clearly reflects the man behind the Ole Henriksen brand. Read More about Ole Henriksen.

Ole Henriksen truth serum is used for the signs and symptoms of anti-aging caused by continuous exposure to the harsh sun’s UVA rays and UVB radiation that have been clinically proven to link to skin damage from premature aging.  Signs of aging and photo-damage from the sun include age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity of the skin, redness, a look of sallowness, and hyper-pigmentation or discoloration of the skin.  The Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster is specifically formulated to boost the skin to help smooth out lines, wrinkles, and other premature aging caused by the damaging effects of the skin.  It also prevents further damage.

Ole Henriksen truth serum’s main ingredients use a high powered Vitamin C complex, collagen, and anti-oxidants to fight the damages caused by environmental factors.  It also uses moisture-binding ingredients to moisturize, hydrate, nourish, and protect your skin from the signs of premature aging.  Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster is a weightless formula that is aromatic that is instantly absorbs and penetrates your skin to the deeper layers of the skin where it starts to correct and prevent anti-aging signs and symptoms that will have long term results.  The user should start to use the Ole Henriksen truth serum in a daily and continuous manner for the full and maximum results.  It is designed specifically for sensitive skin that is prone to irritation, inflammation, and redness.  People of all skin types can use this serum.  The serum provides a very calming, soothing effect to the skin.

What the user can expect from using Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster is a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, inflammation, and redness caused by premature aging due to the harsh sun.  The serum will brighten your skin, even out the tone, and will protect your skin against environmental and free radical damage.  Your skin will feel and look younger when used daily.  A regular regimen, used daily and consistently will improve the quality, tone, texture, look of your skin to make your skin look brighter, clearer, healthier, and smoother.


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