Pangea Organics: Transforming Pure Ingredients into Powerful Skincare

The concept of Pangea Organics is quite simple and straightforward: "Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative."

The exceptional products behind the Pangea Organics line of skincare provide the groundwork for the Pangea Organics skincare line. The integrity of the company is the force behind the product line of skincare products, as the motto of the company is "we only want to make things that make things better." It sounds quite simplistic, doesn't it?

It's that straightforward thinking that has propelled Pangea Organics to become one of the most highly successful skincare lines. The integrity of the company is based around "the product, the performance, the practices, the people, the planet and the purpose" – all of which allow Pangea Organics to provide only the best products that are backed by the promise that they will always "be true to the people our products are made for – you."

Only Natural Ingredients Allowed in Paugea Organics

All of the products of Pangea Organics are naturally derived ones, and all ingredients in the skincare line are organic and pure; there are no petrochemcials, parabens, GMOs, or synthetic ingredients. Pangea Organics also never includes petroleum-based ingredients, sulfates, detergents, or artificial colors and fragrances.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Pangea Organics was founded on the principle of creating a sustainable future through the use of organic skincare and bodycare. All products in the Pangea Organics skincare line are designed to help – not harm – people throughout every stage of their life.

Safe for you, Safe for the Planet

All products in the Pangea Organic line are therapeutic for both the mind and the body, and they are beneficial and safe, both for people and the planet. The skincare products have been created for nearly any type of skin at any stage of life.

Pangea Organics practice sustainable agriculture and culture, from fair trade and sourcing to organic farming and using renewable, recycled resources.

All Pangea Organics products are:
  • Produced in small batches and crafted by local artisans
  • Made of only organic ingredients that replenish the skin
  • Hand-blended to provide a sensory experience
  • Preserved so that the nurturing properties of all botanicals are retained
  • Sourced only from organic farmers that use fair trade practices
  • Clearly marked with all ingredients
  • Pangea Organics, in addition to providing all natural, organic products for the face and body, donate a portion of all their products to the Pangea Institute, a nonprofit organization "dedicated to researching and teaching all aspects of sustainable living and business practices."