Philip B Skin Care

In the world of hair care there is Philip B, and then there is everyone else! Philip B has long been known as the preeminent hair care expert for the Hollywood crowd. It all started when Philip B began his quest for the finest hair care products the world had to offer. After searching meticulously through the most well-known and luxurious brands, Philip B became disheartened at the predictable blends of harsh chemicals and cheap ingredients. He knew first hand the power of natural botanicals, and working in his own kitchen, he began to create custom blends packed with powerful treatments elements.

The result of this labor of love was the one and only Philip B Rejuvenating Oil, a gossamer-light treatment oil fine enough to penetrate the hair shaft without leaving behind a sticky residue. It was in instant success! And, from that one simple product, the Philip B family of treatment options was born. Hollywood A-Listers, Social Elite, and even Royalty can all be counted among the brand’s loyal customers as after just one use they can see an amazing difference in the texture and quality of their hair. Today, the line has expanded to include a wide variety of nourishing treatment options, yet the Rejuvenating Oil still remains the most recognized and coveted product of all.

This rich line of cutting edge hair care products is packed with all natural botanical ingredients. Elements of honey, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, avocado, black tea and cardamom work in synergy to penetrate the hair shaft and revitalize from within. Today, Philip B remains directly involved in every aspect of the product line to ensure that quality standards are maintained and effectiveness ensured. He understands that quality cannot be compromised, and his dedication to the highest standards is evident in each and every product in the Philip B family.