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Quintessence Skin Brightener 1.oz

Item #: Quint _SB
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Quintessence Skin Brightener 1.oz

Quintessence® Skin Brightener
is a light, easily absorbed cream designed as an alternative to high strength formulations for improving the appearance of facial and hand pigmentation. It can be used for long term face and hand brightening as well as for evening out skin tone. It also possesses excellent moisturizing and antioxidant properties. Quintessence® Skin Brightener is appropriate for all skin types.
  • Gradual, uniform lightening
  • Excellent for assisting in the prevention pigmentation problems after Laser, IPL and chemical peel treatments
  • Extremely low cytotoxicity allowing it to be used over extended periods of time (i.e., years)
  • Excellent moisturizer and humectant properties
  • High tyrosinase inhibitor levels

Directions: After cleansing with Quintessence Purifying Cleanser, apply Quintessence Skin Brightener to problem areas for one month prior to full face/hand application. After problems areas have lightened to desired color, Quintessence Skin Brightener may be applied to entire area to achieve an even color.
UPC: 891863109302
Item Number: Quint _SB
Manufacturer Part No: 10930

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