Look for Skin Care Products with Retinol to Reduce Wrinkles

As we age, so does our skin – and often if we don’t take good care of it – the skin ages faster than we do. Premature aging in skin will show itself in expression lines or wrinkles and fine lines developing right before your eyes if you do not give your skin the TLC or tender loving care that it deserves. But with so many skin care products on the market, how do you go about finding the one that is right for you – and one that will reduce or rid your skin of those dreaded wrinkles?

Retinol has been found in research studies to diminish fine lines and wrinkles in skin so it is one of the ingredients most often found in anti aging creams. Retinol also will help to promote the production of collagen that slows its natural production in the skin as we age. Collagen is what it is needed to give the skin firmness and plump it up thereby giving you a more youthful look.

What is Retinol?

Retinol is one of the groups of chemicals in the retinold group and is also a form of Vitamin A. The retinold group of compounds also includes tretinoin which is another ingredient often found in skin care products but is only available through a prescription. Retinol is so popular because it can be bought over the counter without a prescription. Another reason is that it is able to permeate the skin easily through the outer layers to connect with the elastin and collagen that lie beneath the skin. Vitamin A is essential to collagen and elastin to keep the skin taut and firm.

Damage to Skin from Environment

Skin that has been exposed to the sun without protection or from environmental stressors like smog or pollution or smoke becomes damaged over the years. Damaged skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness, thus wrinkles and fine lines creep in to show the effects of this damage that has occurred over time. Constant abuse in this way if not stopped will continue to reduce the skin’s support system which is the collagen and elastin beneath the skin that props it up. That is why skin care products with retinol are so important to anyone who has aging skin or is experiencing premature aging.

Retinol has Many Good Uses

Mature and aging skin often is very dry because it is not being replenished as it should be. Retinol is a good moisturizer too as it will rehydrate the skin and ensure that the oils in the skin are at their proper levels. Anti aging creams with retinol will reactivate the skin cells that have become dormant leaving your skin looking dull. Retinol will give it a wake- up call and enhance the skin cell’s growth so that they are healthier thus leaving your skin with a healthier and more rejuvenated look.

Regular use of a retinol cream will tighten the skin so that the texture is smoother and softer resulting in a more youthful look that is refreshed. This is because as the skin cells continue to multiply and regenerate, the wrinkles and expression lines will start to disappear as the skin smoothes out and becomes firmer. Retinol is also very good to use to exfoliate the skin can has been found to be very effective in the treatment of acne and getting skin that is prone to acne or blemishes under control.

What to Look For

Regular use of a retinol cream could cause some mild irritation or itching to the skin if your skin is very sensitive, but it is a normal reaction and is usually temporary. Retinol skin care products should be used in the evening because use can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you use the retinol cream, it is best to always use a sunscreen during the day. If you continue to have any type of irritation or problems with your retinol cream you should consider stopping treatment for awhile or see a physician if the irritation persists. Sometimes, an anti aging cream with a lower percentage of retinol is better for people who have more sensitive skin.