Discover the Power of Vitamins in Cellex-C

Cellex-C is a skin care line that uses topical vitamin C as the base ingredients in all its formulas. The extensive line offers products for every need and skin type and can be found across the globe through online retailers and direct distributors. The company primarily focuses on skin care products for the face, although hand creams, body polish and sun protection are also included in the line.

About the Company

Cellex-C was the brainchild of Dr. Lorraine Meisner and Dr. Michael Shinitsky, two scientists that were studying the benefits of topical vitamin C in wound healing and other corrective tissue disorders. Throughout their study, they realized that vitamin C could also be a beneficial ingredient in a daily skin care regimen and Cellex-C skin care line was born. The products were first introduced to the general market in 1991, when they were highly touted for their ability to combat the telltale signs of aging. Today, Cellex-C is considered one of the top names in the skin care industry, with consumers across the globe tuning into the many benefits these formulas provide.

About the Ingredients

There are three primary ingredients in all of the Cellex-C products; L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), zinc and tyrosine. When these three ingredients are used together in skin care, they produce the following benefits:
  • Skin is smoother and more elastic with regular use
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • Skin looks and acts 5-10 years younger than it really is
These benefits translate into younger, more beautiful skin for women of all ages, which is why Cellex-C's patented formulas have paved the way for many other vitamin C-based skin care products today. However, savvy consumers know that Cellex-C continues to lead the pack in the most potent formulas available today.

About the Products

Cellex-C's products are broken down into five basic categories; sun care, enhancers, core formulations, correctives and betaplex. The creators of Cellex-C know that 90% of the symptoms of aging are caused by cumulative sun damage, so sun protection is an important component of the product line. This company offers a range of protective products, as well as a self-tanning solution that provides a lovely bronze glow without dangerous UV rays.

As the name suggests, enhancers are used to increase the effect of Cellex-C products on the skin. Enhancers add much needed hydration to the skin, with different formulas offering different concentrations of moisture, depending on what your specific skin might require. Core formulations are the basic Cellex-C products and include serums that specifically target the visual signs of aging. Betaplex products are tailored for all skin types and include cleansers, moisturizers and refreshing mists. Correctives are primarily aimed at oily skin and are the only Cellex-C formulas to contain acne fighting retinol.

Cellex-C offers a unique approach to skin care with an entire line of products based in the healing, soothing benefits of vitamin C. With a host of other potent ingredients that work actively with vitamin C for the best results possible, it is no wonder Cellex-C is one of the top skin care lines available today.