A Great Cream For Dry Skin May Be Just What You Need

Those of us who have dry skin know the feeling and the wrinkles that can come with it.  The skin can feel rough, flaky, and most uncomfortable of all, very itchy.  If you’ve ever found yourself scratching at your skin for no apparent reason, it is very possibly due to dry skin.  Dry skin issues can also make your skin look unhealthy and aged before it needs to be.

If you are one of those people looking for a cream for dry skin on face, neck or other bodily extremities, it would be good to first know what causes the condition.  Many times it is something in the environment that is causing your skin to become arid.  It may be the weather you live in that is drying out your skin. Your home could also be the culprit, with not enough moisture in the air due to central heating, fireplaces or even air conditioning.  Or you may be putting something on your skin that is stripping off the natural oils that protect and keep in moisture.

Sun exposure is a major cause of dry skin, which takes us back to weather conditions.  If you like to take in the sun, be prepared to deal with drying skin especially as you age.  UV sun damage can penetrate the skin’s upper layers.  Collagen and elastin fibers are compromised due to sun damage, causing wrinkles and skin that is sagging.  Your skin will look and feel dry in addition to losing its youthful appearance.  A cream for extremely dry skin may be the antidote to this problem.

There are also medical conditions that contribute to the need for creams for dry skin on face and body.  Conditions such Psoriasis, Eczema and thyroid disorders can all increase the need to search for a quality cream for extremely dry skin.

Before you even need to look for creams for dry skin on face or other body areas, you should first find out how you can prevent dry skin from happening in the first place.  Number one on your list should be avoiding sun exposure.  While you’re at it, you should also avoid excessive wind, heat and dry air conditions, such as overheated homes or offices.  Stay away from excessive caffeine and alcoholic drinks, as these can act as diuretics that purge fluids from your body and away from your skin, parching it.  Instead, drink more clear fluids, like water.  There is something to be said for the old “eight glasses a day” adage.

If you already have sun damage and wrinkles, you do need to take care of the situation now.  Find a quality, recommended cream for dry skin that has proven benefits and has been dermatologist-approved.  Since your skin is an extremely important asset for both your health and your beauty, you should search for the best cream for extremely dry skin that is both available and safe for your body.  With this in mind, be on the lookout for a quality cream for dry skin that contains natural ingredients, not harsh chemicals that may further strip the skin of its natural oils.

You need to add moisture to your skin and help heal it with creams for dry skin on face and body.  For example, Bioelements Absolute Moisture is a very popular cream for extremely dry skin.   It is fragrance free and very light feeling on your skin.  It contains hyaluronic acid, which is found in our own bodies, and which helps moisture molecules bind together.  The almond oil in Bioelements helps the cream smooth onto your skin with ease, an added plus for the moisture-deprived.  Jojoba oil also helps this cream for dry skin do its work on hydrating your skin.

Another cream for dry skin on face that is recommended highly is Dermalogica Super Rich Repair.  This cream for dry skin contains peptides that will stimulate your skin’s collagen, helping to smooth out your wrinkles as it hydrates the skin.  Your skin needs to feel relief and this cream for dry skin on face and body gets the job done with shea butter, primrose oil, and antioxidants such as soy flavonoids.

Creams for dry skin on face and/or body should make you feel instantly relieved and moisturized.  Your itching should be greatly lessened.  And the better creams for dry skin on face and/or body will also be working to alleviate fine lines and wrinkles that can be a direct result of dehydrated skin.