In an industry littered with hype and pseudoscience, Actifirm stands out as a company grounded in solid, methodical research and rigorous quality control procedures, with an emphasis on sustainable trade and development practices.

Once we have identified a customer need, or discovered a new plant or material that could contribute to the organic-based efficacy of our products, we work with governments, biodiversity agents, and private entities across the globe to secure the necessary botanicals in ecologically sound and sustainable methods.Our two state-of-the-art labs handle all botanical extraction, formulation, production, and packaging in-house – ensuring we can offer our consumers the highest-quality products that are responsibly developed and produced.
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Other favorite Actifirm products, like the Renovation Serum have additional hydrating and anti-inflammatory effects that soothe skin. The Actifirm line is designed both as a convenient solution for your in-home skin care, and as a great complement to in-office treatments.

Actifirm to present Z-Peel 30% Plus and Face Firm Video