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Ever wondered how to look young forever? Despite the natural process of aging, there are certain ways to achieve healthy, youthful skin that will make you feel and look younger, regardless of your age.  In this comprehensive book, Dr. Farid Mostamand gives you an inside look into the latest research in Anti aging skin care that delivers high-quality skin care solutions without harmful procedures. Not only will you learn about the physical makeup of your own skin, but you will receive the tools necessary to make educated decisions regarding your skin and overall health.  And so, with this newfound knowledge, learn how to turn back the clock and capture the essence of an ageless skin.   

Dr. Farid Mostamand Launches New Book Aimed at Those Seeking More Natural Solutions to Looking Young Forever

Why Not Defeat the Aging Process for Good with Skin Care Facts Now Available to Those in the Know?

With the launch of his new book, Ageless Skin Obsession, Dr. Farid Mostamand shows women and men how to achieve both healthy and more youthful skin without undergoing surgery or other potentially dangerous procedures. The book details the secrets of looking younger based upon scientific research and technology as it also informs the reader about the mechanics of skin in layman’s terms, dermatological conditions anyone may contract, and natural anti-aging skin care results. 

The author educates his readers with a mini-lesson on the structure of the skin, detailing the several skin layers and their various functions.  While the information is technical in nature, it is easy to understand and relate this knowledge to the skin care products designed to enliven and keep the skin looking and feeling more youthful. 

At 330 pages long, Dr. Mostamand’s book provides a wealth of information that will prompt readers to study every skin care cream’s ingredients label in their medicine cabinet.  The American obsession with looking youthful has its origins in Hollywood and the fashion industry according to the book’s introduction.  Readers will discover how today’s obsession with looking young has taken many to the brink of disaster as they seek out dangerous cosmetic surgeries in order to emulate celebrities or stay in the limelight of media attention.  

Effective, non-surgical skin care products are available through many dermatologists’ offices for those patients who understand that extreme measures are not necessary to compete with today’s youth-fixated culture.  Dr. Mostamand outlines the advantages of using anti-aging creams that incorporate peptides, stem cells, collagen, vitamins, and fruit extracts into their youthful solutions.  The pluses of using safe skin lighteners, exfoliators, and ingredients like hyaluronic acid are detailed in this helpful guide to staying forever young-looking. 

A regimented skin care routine is advised along with tips on the types of products to use and what readers should avoid doing in order to keep the skin young and fresh. 

The book is geared towards nearly all ages, as skin care prevention begins in a person’s twenties and continues beyond the fifties, with detailed suggestions for each particular age group included in the book.  Good advice is given ranging from tips on how to care for each particular skin type to how best to protect the skin from sun damage.  Also included in the book are recommendations for certain brands of anti aging skin care products and how to choose the right product for each individual’s specific needs.

An important aspect of Dr. Mostamand’s book is its research of particular ingredients to look for in an anti-aging skin cream or other product.  Readers will learn which ingredients are best and least harmful yet most effective.  The information includes desired concentrations of these ingredients, what each one can achieve, and the best technology used to do so. 

Dr. Farid Mostamand is a prolific writer of articles pertaining to preventative actions one can take to stop the ravages of skin aging in its tracks.  He is the founder of the Focus Medical Spa located in Anaheim, California and the web site owned by the Crescent Health Center which has received an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.  With his firsthand knowledge of the most up-to-date scientific skincare research, Dr. Mostamand developed a line of naturally formulated skincare products known as the Ageless Derma brand.  The Kindle edition of Dr. Mostamand’s book, Ageless Obsession, can be found on; it is also available on and through the DrSkinSpa web site.


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