Aging Skin Worries

By the time we hit the age of about 35, most of us begin to worry about the effects of aging on our skin. We may begin to see some lines, some wrinkles, some labial folds, some Crow’s feet, thinning skin and uneven skin tone. The skin may begin to sag as more and more collagen slips away right under our noses!

We know most of the things we do that can wrinkle skin. One of them is excess sun exposure. Even going out in the sun for fifteen minutes can cause future damage to our facial skin. Wearing sunscreen any time you know you will be going outside is a must at all times. Even going so far as to wear a hat outdoors in the sun is a very good idea to help with protection and to avoid the fact that the sun can wrinkle skin.

Exposure to certain pollutants helps wrinkle skin before we get very old. Smoke, air pollution, harsh weather can add up to older looking skin before our time. And, of course, the simple, hard to avoid fact of aging is a skin wrinkler. Loss of moisture and collagen as we age wrinkle up the skin as a prune deprived of grape juice would.

A very good anti aging skin care regimen should include the use of an ingredient called collagen peptide. This is a protein that is found in our own bodies. It helps prevent our skin from developing skin fold (those lines between your lips and your nose as one example) and other wrinkles. Think of this protein as the substance that holds pulls our skin together to make it strong, because that is basically what it does. Collagen peptide can be found in anti aging skin care creams on today’s market. The better formulations are natural, fragrance- free and hypoallergenic. It does not have any known side effects or interactions with other drugs or food products. Ageless Derma is one of the companies that put out such a quality cream containing this ingredient.

The collagen used in these anti aging skin care creams is mostly taken from fish or animal skin. It aids in retaining the skin’s moisture levels, work against wrinkling, and whiten skin to help out with uneven skin tones. Collagen peptide forms a defensive coating on the outermost layer of skin. It has a moisturizing ability and changes in weather or humidity do not have a negative effect upon its abilities. It gets collagen to become more active and improves blood circulation, making everything in the body work better, like a well-oiled machine. Small wrinkles in the skin will stretch out or plump up with the increased collagen and you will no longer be able to notice this distraction. It also has anti-inflammatory actions, helping with skin repair mechanisms.

Collagen peptide also has medical uses and can be used for creating skin care products beyond facial creams. Gels, glycolic peels, and uses in laser surgery have been successful with the use of this substance.

Remember, collagen is a naturally created product of our own bodies. It is what helps our skin become strong and elastic. When certain cells die off or become weak, we lose the ability for collagen to do its job well. If a skin care cream containing collage peptide is available for use (and it is!), there is no reason not to give it a try. Whether your are nearing the age of thirty or already well into your fifties, it is not too early or too late to attempt smoothing your skin and either preventing aging from catching up with you, or turning back the clock and looking like your young self again.

If you want to turn back that clock and do so without painful injections, perhaps it’s time to look into collagen peptide products. You have nothing to lose, because the side effects are nil, the products are safe, and when you see the anti-aging results of collagen usage, you will be happy that you gave it a try. Do your research, try a sample of a facial cream if possible, but remember that actual results do take sometimes weeks to show the full effect of wrinkle reduction.