Anti aging products for dry skin

Getting the right  anti aging skin products for dry skin involves a careful search since the products not only have to play a role of keeping the signs of aging at bay but  they also have to adequately moisturize the dry skin.

Any ingredients in these products have to be able to penetrate deep into the skin surface and hydrate the skin before they can now come up and tighten skin pores and firm up the skin surface. Dry skin is highly susceptible to aging and so the use of anti aging skin products should be started as early as possible, ideally in the late twenties.

When using a good anti aging product for dry skin its best to get one that will be able to not only protect the skin from wrinkles and fine lines formation but also assist in reversing and fine lines already present. It has to not only have high moisturizing properties but also include anti oxidants which will help the skin fight of the damage of free radicals as well as brighten up and even out the skin tone.

The products for anti aging where dry skin is concerned should be able to stimulate collagen production which is essential for keeping the skin cells firm thereby causing them to be more efficient at keeping moisture in. Collagen also gives the skin protection from the harsh elements so that the dry skin depicts a healthy glow and does not end up looking dry ,ashy and lack luster.

Any products for dry skin should have a rich consistency for a soothing effect on the skin as well as to keep from having to re apply the product too much as dry skin absorbs moisturizers like a sponge and needs to be kept hydrated to ensure that it stays smooth and supple.

Even as you get to use anti aging products for dry skin, there are some habits that you need to kick to the curb if at all you want to have a successful anti aging skin care regimen. First in line is smoking and alcohol intake these are very harmful to skin health and can even cause premature aging. Did you know that smoking depletes your reserve of vitamin C which is great for stimulating collagen production in the skin?

 Most people think that applying topical collagen creams is all you need to combat this but they don’t know that our bodies need vitamin C to be able to properly absorb collagen and use it in the proper way in our skins. Without vitamin C the collagen particles are too big to be absorbed by our skins and so any topical collagen application will be a waste. The depletion of Vitamin C through smoking is therefore a huge loss that can be avoided.

Alcohol use interferes with the blood vessels of the skin and is responsible for the flushed appearance evident on most alcoholics’ faces. Apart from alcohol other causes of aging to avoid include exposure to extreme weather conditions be it excess cold and wind or too much exposure to the sun. Stress is another factor and this can be solved by using the right anti aging skin care products to repair any damage caused to our skins.

There is need to have adequate sleep as we grow older since this is the time in which our skin regenerate and repair itself. For this reason it is good to invest in anti aging skin care products for dry skin that have a good regenerative anti aging night cream. This will help the skin deal with any results of skin aging from unhealthy habits as you rest during the night.

On top of using a good anti aging night cream there is need to invest in a good quality sun screen of SPF 15 and above. Too much exposure to the sun can result in signs of aging that can even go to the extent of discoloring our skins. So no anti aging skin care regimen is complete without a good sunscreen to avoid this kind of damage.

Combine the use of good quality anti aging products for dry skin with effective hydration by taking lots of water and also taking lots of fruits and vegetables whose moisture is well assimilated by our skins with the added advantage of being full of antioxidant properties.

While you clear toxins using water intake and you nourish your skin cell with a diet rich with fruits and vegetables you must also exercise because it helps to improve the flow of oxygen within your skin cells. Exercise also promotes better blood flow which helps to give a healthy glow to skin. Some great examples of anti aging skin products can be found at