Do Something About Wrinkles with Anti Aging Skin Products!

There a few of us (proportionately speaking) who are lucky enough to have smooth skin with little need for anti aging skin creams, even into our late thirties or early forties.  But the majority of us begin to seek out anti aging skin treatments when we are well into our thirties, some of us in our late or even early twenties. 

Fine lines and wrinkles begin to show on our faces due to a variety of factors.  Most commonly, we think of the simple passage of time as the most usual reason for wrinkling.  But why does the aging process produce lines and wrinkles and how will an anti aging skin serum help us?

Yes, the aging process is a key factor in the production of wrinkles.  After a certain number of years, the process of skin cell division begins to slow down and the outer layer of skin becomes thinner.  The plump cells below the skin start to weaken as do the elastin and collagen and that keep our skin firm and plump.  Moisture can no longer be kept in as the moisture barrier weakens also.  A quality anti aging skin lotion will return moisture to the skin and sculpt a moisture barrier to keep it in.  Anti aging skin treatments can also add collagen and vitamins that will keep free radicals at bay.  Free radicals destroy the skin’s elastin and collagen, making you look older and the skin sags with age.

Constant facial expressions also play a part in developing wrinkles.  There are anti aging skin serum products that can keep these lines from getting deeper.

Another main cause of wrinkling is exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  This is a factor that will definitely cause wrinkles, especially if you do not use the proper sun blocks available.  In fact, most wrinkles are more due to sun exposure than to the natural aging process!  By the time you hit your twenties, the signs of aging can appear if you have been overexposed to the sun.  Even damage from the sun, however, can be repaired with the quality anti aging skin lotion. 

There are other reason for the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face.  Some are simply genetic:  your genetic makeup may predispose you to wrinkles, unfortunately.   Also, smoking and other environmental factors, such as air pollution, can cause your skin to wrinkle and age more quickly than you would desire. 

Thankfully, there are some excellent anti aging skin creams available today that will help smooth your wrinkles, plump and moisturize your skin and lift the sagging that comes with the loss of elastin in your skin. 

When you begin your search for the best anti aging skin serum for your needs, there are a few things to think about.  First and foremost, take a look at the anti aging skin products’ ingredients.  Look for anti aging skin creams that contain mostly all natural ingredients, as these will be best for your own health and the health of your skin. 

Some of the better anti aging skin creams that really work contain Retinol, which is a compound composed of Vitamin A, a naturally found ingredient.  It works as a strong antioxidant to neutralize those damaging free radicals.  Coenzyme Q10 is a wonderful anti aging skin lotion ingredient that works to put your skin cells into action.  Peptides are a key natural ingredient in anti aging skin treatments as they can work to heal the skin, return collagen to it, and enhance the work of antioxidants.  Tea extracts, such as green tea, black tea and such, but especially green tea extracts, work as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.  Most of the effective anti aging skin products will probably contain green tea extracts. 

One of the most effective ingredients that will work to make you look more youthful is stem cells.  There is a product made by Ageless Derma Anti Wrinkle Cream which uses PhytoCelTec, stem cells that come from a rare Swiss apple.  This stem cell will help produce the skin’s necessary collagen without having to endure painful collagen injections as some people opt to do.  Why bother with injections when you can find a similar ingredient in an anti aging skin serum?  Another ingredient that will mimic the results of Botox injections is Vialox Powder, a pentapeptide.

If you do your research, read up on anti aging skin creams and their ingredients, you will be able to find the correct anti aging skin lotion for you.