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While it may be true that most of us have to cope with dry skin as we get older, sometimes age does not discriminate.  You can be in need of dry skin cream as early as your teens or twenties.  Studies have shown, though, that your skin gets about 10% dryer with each passing decade.  So if your skin feels dry, itchy, flaky, and looks red in your twenties, by the time you reach fifty or so, you will need an intensive type of skin product to help you out.

The less hydration your skin can keep in, the weaker your moisture barrier becomes.  When your moisture barrier weakens, all sorts of irritants can pass through to make your skin feel itchy.  You may see skin flaking off which is not a pretty sight!  You may feel a stinging sensation when putting on certain creams or makeups because your skin is so sensitive in addition to being dry.  Wrinkles and lines begin to show themselves because the skin holds less moisture now.  So what is a person to do, regardless of how old your skin is right now?

First and foremost, you must have a good skin care routine in place that you adhere to religiously.  Cleanse your skin every morning and evening using a cleanser especially made for dry and sensitive skin.  Avoid taking long hot showers; they feel great but deplete your skin of the moisture it needs.  And when you dry yourself after a shower, don’t rub so roughly with that towel.  Pat the skin dry and be gentle to the only skin you have!  Remove your makeup, of course, every single night.   Avoid products with certain preservatives that are known to cause or aggravate skin sensitivities.  Also avoid cleansers that have harsh, super-strong chemicals in them or raise the skin’s pH levels to 6 or more, wreaking havoc with the skin’s moisture barrier.  Use sunscreen!  The sun is a huge factor in causing dry skin at any age. 

Most important is moisturizing the skin with a safe product.  Atopalm has great products, such as Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream, that are  tested by dermatologists for safety on sensitive skin, even those with rosacea,  and it can be used by both adults and children.  It is gentle and yet very effective. 

The all important skin barrier protection is necessary to keep that moisture in where it’s needed, so irritants won’t get in. This barrier is called the Stratum Corneum and is the outermost layer of skin.  When your skin is dry or sensitive, this layer of skin (when in optimal form) is needed to give a protective surface that will also condition skin that is already parched.  Lamellar lipid layers (a specialized skin structure) are what make up the intact skin barrier.  Atopalm MLE Lotion works to feel very much like this protective layer of lipids.  In fact, Atopalm chose this Atopalm MLE cream name because MLE stands for Multi Lamellar Emulsion (MLE).  Atopalm MLE Lotion accomplishes this feat using ingredients derived from botanicals.  These natural ingredients that are plant-based help renew the Stratum Corneum that has been depleted of its ceramide and fatty acids necessary for keeping moisture in.

If you’ve had any harsh treatments such as dermabrasion or chemical peels, then using a product like Atopalm MLE Face Cream can help restore much of the moisture barrier protection you may have lost.  Atopalm Cream will also help you when the sun and other environmental stressors have depleted your moisture through evaporation.  Atopalm MLE Intensive Moisturizing Cream contains ingredients like natural seed oils, plant extracts containing omega-3 fatty acids, plant-based antioxidants, in addition to the ceramide-like materials that are all important to the moisture barrier.   

If you think the dry skin solution you seek should go beyond Atopalm MLE Face Cream because of rough, thick patches of skin on your elbows, knees and other areas, you can try Atopalm 130.  Atopalm 130 contains even more lipid repairing ingredients, 30% more to be exact.  This Atopalm Cream is perfect for you, no matter your age, if your skin is very, very sensitive and needs that extra moisture protection.  Atopalm 130 is similar to Atopalm MLE Cream as it has the MLE patented technology to provide you with barrier protection.  This form of Atopalm MLE Intensive Moisturizing Cream with 30% more lipids comes in three different formulations.  Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream in its various forms is just one of the solutions available today for your dry skin issues.