Repairing Skin with Babor Advanced Biogen

Does your skin look less than stellar no matter what products you have used on it? Babor Advanced Biogen might be the perfect solution for your tired, strained skin. There are various reasons why skin begins to look dull and tired, including:

  • Stress – Stress zaps away nutrients in the skin, leading to wrinkles or fatigue in the face
  • Poor diet – A lack of nutrients affects the skin and causes dryness, irritation and dullness
  • A lack of cleansing – Exfoliation is an important, but often forgotten, step in any skin care routine

To wipe away dull, dry skin, exfoliation once or twice a week is essential. Dry skin cells prevent the complete absorption of anti aging products into the skin, rendering them much less useful. Use a gentle skin scrub product to wipe away dull skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. After exfoliating, a gentle cleanser will remove any built-up gunk in the pores to ensure a brighter, more youthful complexion. After cleansing, apply a serum for deep hydration and repair and then finish off with a luxurious night cream. The Babor Advanced Biogen product line contains plenty of options including:

  • Complex C Cream – Infuses the skin with vitamins and antioxidants
  • Daily Revitalizing Cream – Rock Rose extract nourishes skin and brightens complexion
  • Intense Revitalizing Cream – Rejuvenate cells with rock rose extract and retinol
  • Mimical Control Cream – Reduce the appearance of expression lines and hydrate skin

The Babor Advanced Biogen product line contains high quality ingredients designed to protect the skin against free radicals and UV damage. For instant results, use the products in a beauty regimen and always incorporate exfoliation into any weekly skin care treatments to ensure products soak into the skin effectively and thoroughly for best results.