Beautify Skin with Babor Cosmetics

Those looking for a cosmetic line that nourishes skin while enhancing ones appearance will appreciate Babor cosmetics! There are four aspects to this cosmetic line that are beneficial to all users, including:

  • Protection
  • Care
  • Regeneration
  • Colour

These features ensure that skin is well taken care of while enhancing natural beauty for everyday use. Babor cosmetics come in camouflage cream, foundations, eyeshadow and liner, and a wide range of lip colour. An important part of any makeup routine, camouflage cream minimizes signs of redness and discoloration under an application of foundation to create a flawless look. In order to minimize redness around the skin or blemishes, a lightly tinted green concealer is ideal – try the Babor Face Design Collection Camouflage Cream Light Green for best results.

After applying a concealer, foundation evens out skin tone for flawless coverage. Babor cosmetics, such as the Age Conceal Foundation provides a natural coverage with antiaging treatment to improve skin tone and texture as you wear cosmetics. The Babor foundation is suitable for all skin types and visually minimizes fine lines and light wrinkles in the skin. The Age Conceal Foundation provides the skin with ample doses of pumpkin and retinol cells, UVA protection and pigments that work hard to cover skin discoloration.

After applying foundation, set the makeup with a light dusting of translucent powder. The Perfecting Translucent Powder from Babor cosmetics provides a clean finish to any foundation and helps keep the makeup in place throughout the day. Translucent powder also provides a matte finish to prevent skin from appearing oily.

Babor cosmetics are the perfect solution when you want to blend the anti-aging properties of skin care ingredients with makeup for a complete product. Apply makeup with Babor cream and skin care products for best results and diminished signs of aging.