Babor HSR

Babor High Skin Refiner, or Babor HSR, uses decades of research and holistic experience to create unique, innovative products to visibly reduce the signs of aging on the skin. What are common symptoms of aging?

·         Thinning skin

·         Fine lines and wrinkles, especially expression lines around the forehead and nose

·         Fat loss around the chin and cheeks

·         Areas of pigmentation

Those looking for a luxury skin care regimen will appreciate the selection and quality of Babor skin care products, especially those in the Babor HSR line. There are two product ranges from which to choose, depending on skin care needs. The HSR Lifting product range features the following products:

·         Extra Firming Cream

·         Extra Firming Eye Cream

·         Extra Firming Fluid

·         Extra Firming Serum

·         Extra Firming Foam Mask

Each of these products provides luxurious ingredients to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Those who are looking for immediate, visible results will be pleased with the HSR Lifting range as it helps reinforce the connective tissue and calm skin. The second product range, HSR De Luxe, uses anti-aging innovation to offer the highest quality ingredients possible. Active ingredients in the Babor HSR Luxe line include telovitin, black pearl essences and the Integral Complex for effective, immediate results. Products in this range include:

·         Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream

·         Ultimate Anti-Aging Eye Cream

·         Ultimate Anti-Aging Serum

Using these products daily as directed will ensure results are noticeable within just a few days. The hydration and calming effect instantly revitalizes tired, dull skin to brighten and enhance cells. While the luxurious products are higher in price, the quality and innovative ingredients makes it an ideal purchase. Only a small amount of product is needed each day, extending the use of each Babor HSR product.